Ohio inmates, who’s really paying for their crimes?

Now you know why the Ohio criminal system is such a BIG DEAL & WHY Drew Tyler has great CONcern over the Mansfielders Perspective Group on facebook who exposes this! Its TIME tick tick tick to fix this broken justice system that does nothing to real criminals yet puts fear into those who are not! We just witnessed where a 30 year retiree from the Prison learned you dont bite the hand that feeds you, right? Thats right, Mike Skidmore was exposing the cost of fraud & corruption within this oppressive system. The system is a good one, and its highly protected from anyone who opposes them. What did his case teach you? – Thats right, how easy it is to be sent to prison IF you fight back! This man was initially charged in Municipal Court on one Charge, Felonious Assualt which was later dropped when they apparently realized they would not get a conviction whiched played out as being accurate in his trial in the Richland County Court of common pleas. His charges there were 2 counts of felonious assualt, 2 counts of assualt, 1 count of inducing panic, and 1 count of obstructing official business. Now with the convictions we dont see the fight as the big deal as much as the charges to silence this man, well thought out by a system not so much designed for justice as much as it is to profit and scare the hell out of the people who may be speak up against public officials. No, this man didnt get prison for a fight, he got prison for the charges of inducing panic and obstructing official business. 2 trumped up charges for things he did not do, how could he? This was a public meeting and the official business is listening to the people who show up to these meetings, so what gives here? Then you have the inducing panic charge? I was there and I can assure you panic was not induced by the fight, it was induced by a security guard who fired his weapon who resigned to avoid facing disciplinary hearing or charges of his own. This is why its right for counsel to file for acquittal being this little tidbit of information being left out of his trial. Yes, during the trial they used this security guards testimony and many frivolous testimonies by doctors and his injuries supposedly” sustained in this fight when truthfully Mr Skidmore was mishandled more than he along with the other guard who was allegadly bitten who only missed a few days work. What was also discovered is IF Norris really sustained alleged injuries why was he disallowed his workers comp claim? Interesting indeed, so now we wait for yet another injustice unfold that wastes our tax dollars yet again! Watch closely here for its certain IF those paying close attention to this dont hear something soon we will certainly hear more upon this mans release from capture? We shall see when the reality is if he dont serve his full sentence they could parole with stipulations to keep this man quiet? I dont see that happening when he actually has a great story to tell when he gets out, could be worth waiting for? So we will!

The data dont lie…


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Yes that equals…$ 1,315,481,440 over a BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR to protect, so don’t you DARE question politics here in Ohio.

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