Officer avoids suspect, but hits a wall. You have to be kidding me?.

MANSFIELD — A Mansfield police cruiser struck the side of the Lexington Avenue Family Dollar while chasing a suspect Wednesday night. Why do these officers chase suspects on foot with their cars anyways?. Surely there will be a problem with me being the only one who asks these tough questions, and “I” have mental issues?. (slmao)

Authorities said Family Dollar employees called 9-1-1 at about 9 p.m. after a male juvenile was acting suspicious inside their store.

Officer Ryan Grimshaw said another officer was dispatched and began pursuing the suspect.

Grimshaw was called in for backup.

“I was coming out of the parking lot and was headed southbound on Lexington Avenue and he just ran out in front of me,” Grimshaw said.

In attempt to swerve and miss the man, Grimshaw turned sharply and drove into the side of the building. I would love to see the officers dash cam, not because I don’t believe you, but because it would get many laughs on youtube!.

“I was only going about 25 (miles per hour) so there wasn’t too much damage,” Grimshaw said. “I’m fine.” Sure you were, you still get a ticket for failure to control, right?. I forgot, the following statement will justify the possibility you just came from a bar. I wonder like John Mayer he got the same courtesy and was not tested for drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the crash?.

The juvenile was found to have active warrants and was taken to Richland County Jail. This should justify any wrong doing, works every time.

The Family Dollar manager said no one was hurt, but would not comment further. One aisle was damaged.

“This officer (Grimshaw) was chasing this kid, who wasn’t using the crosswalk and ran right in front of his vehicle,” Officer Paul Lumadue said. “This officer did everything he could to avoid hitting him.” I’m curious Officer Lumadue, were you there, or are you just repeating something you heard?. Curious IF this Police cars dash cam video depicts the same message?. There is a camera, right?.
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