October 16th Richland County Commissioners meeting with riled citizens demanding answers!

Meeting in its entirety from October 16th 2014 with questions for Executive Session held Sept.23rd, 3 days before OUR Prosecutor supposedly committed suicide along questions resulting from the wait on answers over the Brian Garber incident, yes ALL of this was OFF the record – Thank you for your time, surely we will be back soon!

Minutes in question from Sept.23 2014 Commissioners Meeting “Executive Session” which was closed to the public, called by the Prosecutors office, yet NOBODY from the Prosecutors office attended? BY LAW their minutes appear to be against Ohio Revised Code 309.09 . Here is Ohio Revised Code 305.14 in which 4 Citizens showed to challenge and question Donald Zehner and Attorney’s Andrew Keller, Mike Bear in Attendance who were in attendance yet had no input on the discussion of a lease agreement which was the imminent legal action the Prosecutor’s office did no attend for? The question is….Why would our Commissioners seek outside legal help on a lease agreement, these are pretty simple are they not, and why would other attendees be there with no minutes of why they were there? Al Lawrence was there and spoke the truth depicting the public can be shut out, we agree on being shut out of the executive session, what we don’t agree is being shut out of the meeting that drew the executive session with no minutes no less due to some kind of protective sunshine law? Still waiting on why Lt.Zehner took the time out of his busy day with Attorney’s they could not provide in writing that our Prosecutor hired to replace his office?

These are REAL questions people, why are you scratching your heads, and WHY is THIS GROUP Mansfielders Perspective the bad guy? 

Richland County Ohio Commissioner Meeting 10/16/14 Part-1 

15 seconds in Gary Utt takes us off the record, yet thanks to Tim Wert we were allowed to speak off the record when he advised we have something to say regardless that we were not on the agenda, this time!

Richland County Ohio Commissioners Meeting 10-16-14 Part-2 

Randy Shepherd continues debate over laws of procedure from hired and appointed employees that take over duties of Elected Officials. Too much of this happening based on hearsay, Ed Olson explains?

Richland County Ohio Commissioners Meeting 10-16-14 Part-3

This segment discusses executive session and heated discussion over threats to Mansfielders Perspective’s exposure. Al Lawrence from the MNJ brings the truth about executive session. Utt and Olson walk out, Tim discusses thoughts off the record which gets heated about 7 minutes in. This is nuts!, yet don’t get me wrong…Tim Wert is stand up for taking the time to listen, tells it like it is?

Says maybe it scares you, anyone else scared or is this just me? Stop the Conspiracy crap, we want the truth. An old man once said you bring 95% of your problems to your doorsteps, sounds like a threat to me, you?

Richland County Ohio Commissioners meeting 10-16-14 Part-4

All I hear? I need an Attorney – are you kidding me? I’ll wait until they prosecute what they call defamation and lies and then they can give me one. I missed the question by Tim if I was related to Gene Sidners son – did I mention my name here, or this just in the notes from my plea to get on the agenda? Al asks who I am, says he has a recorder running – ok, so do we.

Hope you enjoy, for WE report, you decide – should we feel threatened with these answers? Yes! – that is a viable question.

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