October 16th Commissioners meeting with the people, then more protesting for Justice!

Who’s going to be there?

WHEN: Thursday, October 16th

WHERE: We will meet in front of the Richland County Courthouse

TIME: 9:00 am we will meet, 10:00 am Commissioners meeting, protest afterwards!

If you can’t make it, at least take the time to drive downtown Central Park to honk for justice. We need it in every way as they try to broom injustices under the table.

Where’s Justice for all these deaths that may have ties?

Body first found on Hull Rd

Then we have Brian Garber shot mercilessly sitting on a bed, said to have a gun, had a remote in a room with no TV?

Then we have girl who was being indicted following week for the body dumping on Hull Rd found dead still holding a 44 mag said apparent suicide?

The a guy know to have ties to this woman who shot herself having a child with her wanted for questioning winds up dead at the hands of police as well?

Somethings funny here people, time to connect the dots before others disappear hanging with the wrong people or being in the wrong system?

I think this protest should depict HONK FOR JUSTICE as we let them know we know something fishy is going on, and it’s high time they figure it out!

PM me here to let me know you’re coming or if you need a sign, we have plenty if you don’t have one! We need to show community solidarity in these matters, we have had ENOUGH!!!! – https://www.facebook.com/phil.sydnor

If you’re not afraid to say you are coming please respond on this blog to let them know you’re coming!

This is Ohio, with “GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE” – this does not mean money is God just because it’s printed on our currency, it’s a FACT when you believe! We will not let this mockery continue for there’s nothing worse than a false witness of what we are seeing today. You’re only right to remain silent is for cowards – peace!!!!

I would like to have those who are in LAW ENFORCEMENT who joined us here to join us on this day to show solidarity for justice. You must have joined our group for a reason, now lets see you join us for answers or continue to remain silent?

Have a safe week my friends, until we meet – peace!!!!

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