Obama speaks of widows and orphans, can he prove it?

Does this President think the American people are fools?

Widows & Orphans, can we verify this? I have seen many pictures that include men, what are they?

Orphans have NO PARENTS, maybe we should explain our compassion by first explaining how this is happening, who is making them widows and orphans and WHY are we not sending troops?

The SAD REALITY is the United States has FAILED in the Middle East, we have been screwing with these people since I was in High School, that was 35 plus years ago!

Quit bringing people here on the premise everything is FREE, that’s part of what’s breeding this terrorism, WE are not the World. You want what the US has, you have to WORK, quit giving the World a sense of FALSE REALITY that we will take care of you, they can see…we can’t take care of ourselves let alone others.

You are a laughing stock Mr President, and the World is in danger because of it – World War 3 is coming no thanks to you and your fundamental change you promised the people.

My mother was an orphan who was brought to this Country yet still had to go through the proper channels to become a citizen of this Country and was NOT used as a Political pawn. She was brought here through a Christian belief and Church, not as we are seeing you do it here today. Its not that the people here would not like to help others in time of need, its just that people don’t TRUST THE GOVERNMENT and their agenda to potentially bring the terror here. That’s what makes this Nation great, it works BEST when the people speak, not when one speaks in which the people disagree so much with. You don’t like Congress because Congress IS the people – period! If you want to do this right? You need to condemn these terrorists like all other leaders and support them in this War on terrorism instead of condemning it. These nuts must be stopped, the sad case as we see here, you have already allowed them here through MSA ¬†as you will clearly hear in the next video.

Job well done? 2016 can’t get here fast enough!


Common sense by Senator Rand Paul, but who cares??

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