Obama apologizes video about healthcare – the horses mouth STILL leaves me angry!

Obama Apologizes video

Mr. Obama, since I feel you are not worthy of the title “President” I say to you today…

You are a freaking MORON!

Sure, others have made their pleas to you and like the many I will explain mine as well in which gives me great pleasure which PROVES how wrong your “Affordable Health Care Act” is, and WHY you more than likely called it Obamacare? It is FAR from the TRUTH of being affordable thanks to the goings on since 2007, let me explain.

I will be 50 this year, and by no fault of my own I have seen a decline in this Nation like NEVER before which to me stems from GREED and the ease of self made retirement through our Governments policies. We are sending a very dangerous message that you no longer have to work hard to be successful when we give out to the masses for votes what others work so hard for knowing it can not be sustained if we were to remain a free people.

My life’s resume in which was a path of freedom to now which is a path of being no longer in control in which I have lost my right and freedom to choose.

Born 2 days after Kennedy was assassinated                                                     Nov. 24th, 1963

Attended School                                                                                            Sept.1969 – May.1982

Went to work for a Private Individual                                                         Sept.1980-Dec.2007

This to many is considered pursuit of happiness and the American Dream, can you by your definition tell me where I went wrong? With this Nations policies I have went from being happy with the path I was on to the most disgruntled member in the Union. You remember?, in a Nation “United we Stand, Divided we Fall” – The United States of America! This is be no more, why? Why is it that our nation is divided by what the man BEOFRE I was born once proclaimed, I will remind you here what Kennedy said…

“It’s not what your Country can do for you, it’s what you can do for your Country” – Interesting that this man was a Democrat? To me this is not what a Democrat today is all about. I like many Americans have seen our Country go from competing within to competing abroad thanks to outsourcing of American jobs by American businesses, how un-American is that? I believe in what Kennedy said, NO I did not serve in the Military for that’s not what I brought to the table, I brought hard work and perseverance to do for myself, pay taxes to help others, and yet that was not good enough. Why I ask does our Government give away everything those of us worked so hard for? Why is it that the banks are protected, yet the homeowner is discarded upon changes that are no fault of their own, but a result of greed by those who think they can control us?

I am here writing a personal letter like so many others hoping you will see our disgust with you and your policies because we feel ENOUGH is ENOUGH, for we will not give up to the point we will now fight back! I can assure you and your health care plan, you know the one that’s suppose to be affordable? Is the farthest from the TRUTH! – Let me share why?

In 2007, yes before you took office I was paying bi-weekly $77 each pay (That’s twice a month for those doing the math) to have full coverage with all the normal bells and whistles that I still have today that now cost me $77 a week. The PROBLEM, at the end of 2007 I lost my job of 27 years and was unemployed for 2 years! LOST everything I worked for because I didn’t have all the same protections as a bank. In those 2 years I eventually found another privately owned business to work for that provides the insurance I pay for that will be going up nearly $200/mo. come the first of the year! The PROBLEM? – In the last year my wife suffered a stroke and cannot work, we have a 12 year old daughter, and my pay working in the Sales profession is around $25k/yr. See the PROBLEM yet? Is my misfortune something that should be laughed at? Your smirk and smiles towards those of us who have given enough it what angers me the most, and now you and your political cronies think enough from me and my family is not enough so you RAISED my cost for healthcare when it’s needed most. At my age I REFUSE to go into debt. to make a few thousand more after taxes, sorry! – not that stupid! I have learned how oppression began, and I bought into and funded it once and will not do it again. So, you RAISE my cost of living as a result that I am not buying into your education indoctrination, for this I shall suffer, REALLY? The TRUTH in the matter is full circle of what JFK once said will come to fruition once YOU and your cronies BANKRUPT this nation. Have you ever heard the saying a Country Boy WILL Survive? There’s a lot of truth to that ya know, probably why your agenda is to take our 2nd Amendment rights away from us next? I like others will say, from my COLD DEAD HANDS will that happen, we are not submitting to your policies, and IF you don’t change, fix, or whatever to this law that demands I cannot feed my family you are sure to find out what happens next! I am not threatening you, I am simply promising the system you so enjoy will go down in flames as those you oppress resist for there are by far more of us than there are of you. I am NOT going to pay to care for someone else when I cannot care for myself, NO LAW is that good. Just ask Abe Lincoln who once said…If you want a BAD LAW repealed, enforce it strictly! My question to you is…what will YOU do when we refuse your care in place with God & Country?

I am waiting here Mr Obummer!, come and explain how YOUR Affordable Health Care is “Affordable” – the MATH I have done shows I am better off dead than to accept YOUR plan. If that’s what you want, that’s what you will happen, the exception it WILL NOT BE ME OR MY FAMILY WHO DIES!!!!!!

There is NOTHING CHEAPER about your plans asshole! You just made insurance that was not affordable WORSE! Taking $2oo more a month worth of food off my table ONLY means I will have to use it MORE! I can barely afford to have insurance, let alone what it will cost IF I use it!

OUR President has been given too much credit for this debacle, people are staring to agree with me on this! – NOBODY can be this DUMB, can they?????

*****************************LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN*****************

ObamaFraud ObamaLies


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