Now Judges can take a time out for Executive Session, what about Court dockets & legality?

Some are saying this can’t be, Judges meeting in private with executive branch employees? The minutes of this meeting reflect they did, so what’s the big deal others say, can we get some answers please???? –

In Lorain County there appears to be a similar issue, can we get some answers here to who is right? –

Oh Stacey crawl you lying *****. No judge entered into your den of aniquity on July 10th. they had duties in their respective court rooms not the commissioners office and certainly not in any private secluded secret executive session with the squatters.
Sorry folks but I had a panic attack this morning from reading this lyin ***** publication as records.. As Marylin John Would say I think I am suffering from intentional infliction of extreme emotional distress… I need to file a court action but wait, there is one pending allegging racketeering agaIsint this lyin ***** default judgment no less for 96 million dollars plus 7 years of interest and court costs. . 2008cv0294. I am certain that due to my afge and health, this one will be a lot more but I have two years to bring said action agaisnt squatters in office .
Yo Marylin and stacey look up I.I. E.E.D. cause your are being named as defendants in at least 9 cases one being the NAACP guy that you damn near had killed. Oh before I go, would you say this was an intential act to commit murder or was it a accidental discahrge of an illegal gun you brought to the court house??

Please refrain from picking on our disabled neighbors dyslexia, you get the jist of what he is saying! So lets get some answers to the rules shall we? Randy has been calling these people out now for months yet we are still getting no answers. Yes, if you watch the 47 minute video he and others have a valid dispute that needs addressed and with each meeting passed there seems to be more, now we have this concern of blame, once again can be seen in and pointed out even in this condensed version here on youtube –

Blaming the people for what happened is SHAMEFUL, maybe so shameful it may warrant a spot on the “Wall of Shame” – with others who were hired by the County in positions of trust, both of which are investigators now who were fired for their lack of integrity, yet there’s ONLY A FEW who are concerned? Myself, I think it’s CRAZY! – wish someone could tell me why this is ok? John Mayer and Bob Ball have both been since removed for lacking integrity, yet our fair County have found employment for them? John Mayer recently hired after budget cuts to be a Private Investigator for the Prosecutor and Bob Ball still holding position of Investigator for the Coroner? These are VERY questionable to say the least, so can we get an answer without being attacked? We could have settled this in the July 9th meeting, how ever an executive session was called once again to silence the people from the record. If you review these meeting minutes and once again watch the full youtube video you will also find discrepancies the LOCAL MEDIA REFUSES to address. Interesting to say the least!

Can we get some answers please?????

Come on LOCAL MEDIA, prove the MP WRONG!

They have been abusing Executive Sessions going ALL THE WAY BACK to when the Prosecutors Office called one a week before our fair Prosecutor committed suicide. Did he kill himself because he didn’t want to represent this regimes illegal activity or was he killed? There are still many questions not answered from this death, like where did all his secret case files go kept privately in his office?

There are RULES and LAWS people on how these sessions are called, and certainly one is THEY CAN’T call an executive session on the same day the public is scheduled to attend! This is not a philosophical or differing perspective, this is by rule not allowed! Executive Session in a public scheduled meeting can only be called or driven by a QUESTION asked in this meeting, or they schedule another day when the public is not scheduled to attend. This is how it works UNTIL one of those who keep breaking the rules GOES ON THE RECORD either in a meeting or here to say otherwise. See meeting minutes from July 9th – THIS DOES NOT CUT IT AND IS BY FAR AN ANSWER SIR!!!!!

Randy Shepherd believes the executives should leave for their executive session and not the public. Commissioner Wert stated he does not believe that is the way it is done. – CAN WE THE PEOPLE GET AN ANSWER PLEASE!!!!!

The Obsequious ones...

The Obsequious ones…


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2 Responses to Now Judges can take a time out for Executive Session, what about Court dockets & legality?

  1. Bird says:

    According to the Mansfield News Journal’s article, “Commissioners Add Rules, Deputies to Increase Safety” July 15, 2015, Marilyn John spoke for all three commissioners stating that they were too “traumatized” to tend to business the 9th & 10th but on Monday had an “emergency meeting” to discuss safety issues. Yet, in the commissioner’s minutes, recorded by Stacey Crall dated July 10th, the commissioners along with: judges, prosecutor, sheriff, recorder, treasurer, auditor, clerk, etc., were in an emergency meeting? Which is the truth? Too traumatized or tending to business? Seems to me that they had sufficient time to notify the media of their “emergency meeting” July 13th if they were on the clock the 10th. Had they performed their duties as they should have done on the 9th, by answering the questions that the people attending the public meeting wanted to ask, the days events would have been different. It floors me that commissioner Utt stood there and blamed the “people” sitting in the chairs along the wall for the whole thing! Utt stated in the video, “This is why we can’t have THESE PEOPLE in here.” I guess it’s a whole lot easier to blame others for things you should take responsibility for. If you ask me, this is why THESE PEOPLE should be in there, holding the elected officials accountable for their actions. It is ever more clear that people need to get off the couch and get involved, otherwise they will get away with attempted murder…literally!

    • Phil says:

      100% spot on, THEY need to answer for what we know…
      THEY planned this attack, what they didn’t plan on was a gun jamming to end the murder attempt. Now we have to see who wants to prove it cause we all know damn well they have the people top to bottom covering it up. Their spokesman continues to say…prove it!

      What I do know about Mike, I hope he can?
      God speed my friend, my gut says they will throw this out this Thursday and order silence to Mike, I am hoping for a trial, a trial in which this can be proven its all on video, and video don’t lie!
      The only issue will be a Judge who says no video, just watch & see!

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