Not trying to be negative, but we wonder why the U.S. is going Bankrupt; Sgambellone accepts Los Alamos post?

Sgambellone accepts Los Alamos post

Double dippers are part of the problem, especially when all they do is share their resume and not their accomplishments. It would be nice for once IF we had a reporter who would elaborate on accomplishments rather than simply acknowledging what these people have done for THEMSELVES! I for one would like to know what he has done or accomplished for Mansfield other than getting a big kiss here in public by one of our fair reporters who does nothing but blow up the ego’s of his friends. Surely would have been better if another reporter would have done the story? (Just saying)

What did we learn here?

City police Chief Dino Sgambellone apparently is headed out West to start 2nd retirement @ age 44.

Graduated St.Peters in 1986

He attended the prestigious Berklee of Music in Boston, studying piano, for less than a year before returning to Mansfield. No date?

 Joined the Air Force, where he spent two years. No date, assume 1986?

Joined MPD in 1991

In Mansfield, Sgambellone became a SWAT team member in record time and worked in community policing during his time in patrol.

Sgambellone was chosen as officer of the year in 1996 and supervisor of the year in 2007.

In 2005, Sgambellone was appointed commander of the METRICH Enforcement Unit after his promotion to lieutenant.

In November 2010, he was appointed police chief, replacing his mentor, Phil Messer.

Sgambellone earned a doctorate in public safety with a specialization in criminal justice from Capella University in 2011. (Online) – PhD


I bet the private sector wishes they could retire in such short order, then move to a Country setting at a young age of 44 to babysit a bedroom community.

I hope the readers don’t think I’m being negative towards this man and his accomplishments, I just wonder how this Country can afford this, does anyone know?

In the REAL World it’s not about the schools you attended as much as it being what your accomplishments were, NONE of which are spelled out here!

Thank you once again MNJ for leaving us scratching our heads?????

One commenter says it all, where’s his cronies who normally give their well wishes?????

Howie Weber · Top Commenter · Crafton Hills College

Makes me wonder who’s up for chief next? Hope somebody that listens to the Public.
Not sure Howie, but I’m sure it will be another hand picked crony!
John Hess · Top Commenter · Works at Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant – Austin
why did he only spend 2 yrs in the air force? that’s usualy a 4 yr. hitch…Peter principle at work… promoted to the level of incompetence….


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