No firearm listed among evidence in Garber shooting


Ok James Mayer!

Now the balls in your court! Who you going to Prosecute? The fictitious claims the Sheriffs department had printed in the paper, or the trigger happy lynch mob? – That’s right, he don’t get a choice in this one – sorry fellas!

Where’s ALL the DEFENDERS NOW who were making horrible accusations towards a young man who’s medication for being Bi-Polar was flushed down the toilet?

I hope all the asses who made their false witness claims come out to apologize, just like your buddy Judge DeWeese would say…

There’s choices, and there’s consequences – come and get your!


What others are saying…

  • Buddy Workman · North Central State College

    Facts of the matter police cannot just shoot with out probable cause they better have seen a gun
  • John Hess · Top Commenter · Crestline, Ohio

    16 casings, and no doubt all hitting their target… kind of hard to miss at point blank….can you imagine …didn’t want him to give his side of the story…we’ll only hear their…No doubt these guys will have their time off with pay, and be back as a deputy …after all.. the head man always backs them up no matter what…..
  • Brian Hauck · Top Commenter · Works at Self-Employed

    Yes he reportedly had a gun, but as the article above states, no gun was found and yet the officers fired 16 shots…Regardless of what had happened previously, no evidence of any gun was found and not only is 16 shots excessive but there has to be a way to resolve a situation without ending someone’s life like that…I have heard no evidence or heard of no evidence that he had a gun or fired upon the officers, so i have to ask, why did the officers fire on him? Wouldn’t a non-lethal method like a taser or a stun gun been more effective in resolving the situation? Obviously without knowing everything that happened it’s hard to say what should have or could have been done, but it just seems like what was done was entirely excessive and perhaps unnecessary. Regardless, this is a tragic situation for all involved….officers included 🙁
  • Joey Shaver · Columbus State Community College

    Please, please stop with all the judging, it was a tragedy waiting to happen, I have no vested interest in this matter except a human life was ended, but EVERYONE knows that there were several complaints and allegations by the people involved. If you are a mother, father, wife, do you want your loved one to walk into a dark room with someone who has made death threats, hit his mother, choked his wife, AND reportedly has a gun??? And should the officer just be given one bullet? If we are to learn from this, write a comment on how YOU could have handled it!! or how it could have been handled better or differently, otherwise let the investigation take its course and oh by the way, let us hope the witnesses and the shooter can get the help they need to move to the next phase of their lives.
    • Keisha Goble · STNA at Stein Hospice

      Let me tell you something. You would thing twice if that was your son or family that got shot with no just cause. I don’t care what he did before. Those officers had no right to shoot a unarmed man. That’s murder and just like everyone else they need to go to jail. And you sir are a heartless jerk. And I will pray for you.
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      · 41 minutes ago

  • Warren Shields · University of Michigan

    seems a little excessive to me ?
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    · 1 · 3 hours ago

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