Nice! – Sheriff faces harassment allegations during an election year – Interesting!

Deputy claims harassment, unfair treatment

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“Keep your eyes and ears out. These female deputies with their EEOC complaints may expose some of the dirtiest actions of the current administration. They are ALL A HERO !” – Made in Mansfielders Perspective Group on facebook. Where the TRUTH resides!!!
“Dittrich was one of three female deputies in the Richland County Sheriff’s Office who recently filed a notice of charge of discrimination with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the department. Deputies Amber Alfrey and Alexandria Paige Wagner also filed notices in November.”
The News Journal made a public records requesting copies of the complaints when they are served to the county. Dittrich’s complaint record was released Tuesday. The sheriff’s office has not yet received copies of Alfrey’s and Wagner’s complaints, according to Maj. Joe Masi. – Interesting stuff here! – I am sure the MNJ did their public records requests with little resistance, unlike Mike Skidmore who can be seen here in the following videos being harassed by County Security, one particularly who is running for Sheriff that REFUSES to identify himself, hmmm?


In Dittrich’s complaint, signed Nov. 28, she wrote:

“In April of 2015, I could no longer take the stress of working under Captain (Jimmy) Sweat so I transferred back to the patrol division. In June of 2015, I was called into the patrol sergeant’s office with Sgt. (Jeff) Alfrey, Sgt. (Will) Gordon and Capt. (Donald) Zehner. I was informed that I was being written up for sick leave abuse at the order of Erika Spicer (payroll supervisor). I took a sick day in June, December and January. I have over 600 hours of sick leave available.” – There’s a lot of stress to go around in this County it appears from top to bottom which give it time will come unraveled as they can no longer keep their secrets a secret with BRAVE folks like this speaking up!

Dittrich, who began employment with the sheriff’s office on Nov. 6, 2003, worked in the detective bureau starting Oct. 18, 2013, and she returned to the patrol unit April 9, 2015, at her request, according to her personnel file. – I wonder like Mike Skidmore if the investigation will claim Ms Dittrich “planned” her attack on the Sheriff? I think not, that would appear took YEARS to pull off, hmmm – I wonder what excuses they will have for this, or if Ms Dittrich and others have caught the harassment on video?

In March 2015, Dittrich’s complaint states, “I was driving to work in a Level 2 snow emergency. I called Sgt. Will Gordon (male) and advised him that I might be a few minutes late. I arrived at the department at 8:04 a.m. I arrived at the same time as Maj. Masi, Sgt. (Mike) Viars (males) and the Crime Lab tech Daphne Bowman. My sergeant told me to just work until 4:04 p.m. – Sure appears there’s a bit of favoritism here IF Masi and Viars both males were not disciplined as well, can’t be a chain of command issue seeing Sweat is a Captain while Viars is a sergeant? I wonder why the other female Daphne Bowman wasn’t wrote up? – This may get interesting with all the funny business going on within the Sheriff’s Dept.

“Capt. Sweat (male) found out and wrote me up with Sgt. Will Gordon because he failed to discipline me. The female officers are often referred to as the b—— by Capt. Zehner (male). This kind of behavior influences how female officers are treated in the department.”

In a prepared statement Tuesday, Sheriff J. Steve Sheldon said, “The Richland County Sheriff’s Office takes any claim of discrimination seriously and fully complies with all applicable laws and regulations. We look forward to addressing these charges in the appropriate forum and are unable to further comment about what is an ongoing legal matter.” – This poor Sheriff over the last couple of years seems to have LOST CONTROL of his people running amok?

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Interesting as well is Capt. Sweat and Major Masi were also captured in a video that has drawn great CONcern with BCI who was investigating the Mike Skidmore case in hopes they could collaborate their claims that he planned some kind of attack on Richland County Commissioners? The video in question below…

You can rest assured the TRUTH is pissing these idiots off as the public I speak to appreciates those who are FINALLY Telling It Like It Is…

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