News Journal endorsements for Tuesday – saved for future reference, you’ll see why!

Please vote on Tuesday. And when you do, please do your best to educate yourself on the key issues before you get to the voting booth. During the last few weeks we have expressed how we think you should cast your ballots on Tuesday. Here is a recap of those endorsements.

U.S. President: Obama

In the race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, we feel that because incumbent Obama would not face re-election in four years, he may not fear moving to the center and embracing some Republican ideas. We encourage Obama to move past the current polarized election process and speak for all Americans the next four years.

U.Senate: Brown

Sherrod Brown has done enough for the Mansfield area from his seat in the U.S. Senate to deserve local votes in his re-election bid. Mansfield always has worked to have statewide and national officeholders hail from this area, with the belief that our interests would be better served by someone who truly understands this community. Brown does.

U.S. Congress Dist. 2: Tiberi

Republican Congressman Pat Tiberi, 49, remains a conservative voice of reason and common sense in Congress as he wraps up his sixth term serving Ohio’s 12th District, which now covers all of Licking and Delaware County and portions of Franklin, Muskingum, Morrow, Marion and Richland. He brings conservative credentials to his proposals and voting, he’s smart enough to make sensible decisions when provided the opportunity by the leaders of his own party and Democrats.

U.S. Congress Dist. 7: Gibbs

We endorse incumbent Congressman Bob Gibbs, who will represent the southern half of Richland County as well as parts of Ashland, Coshocton, Holmes, Huron, Knox, Lorain, Medina, Stark and Tuscarawas counties. As a resident and pig farmer in Holmes County for more than 30 years, Gibbs understands the unique issues of rural Ohio that he has represented.

Ohio House Dist. 2: Romanchuk

We favor Romanchuk for his local business experience and leadership. He recognizes the key to success lies with private employers — not governmental representatives. He says more steady funding for training is necessary, but he emphasizes private companies must get more involved in guiding training and hiring training program graduates.

Mansfield Environmental Bill of Rights: Yes

We’re happy to see Ohio keeping an eye on the oil and gas industry, but we do not concede the state should keep Mansfield at arm’s length when it comes to drilling here. The industry may wish to keep its proprietary secrets, but Mansfield residents deserve to know the contents of waste materials going into the local ground. We should not have to simply live with whatever the state decides.

Mansfield Term Limits: Yes

The current restrictions limit more than terms; they limit voter options. We think the voters should decide who gets to stay and who has to go. Mansfield has quality leaders who deserve to be limited only by public vote. Vote yes to halt term limits.

Shelby Income Tax Levy

Officials tell us the city’s streets are deteriorating to the point of being conspicuous. Hence, a 0.2 percent income tax levy, which will increase total collection from 1.3 to 1.5 percent, has been placed on next month’s ballot. We support that measure.

Library Levy: Yes

Voters should show their support for local libraries by supporting the 2-mill renewal and 1.9-mill additional levy on the Nov. 6 ballot. A plan to shift local libraries away from a reliance on state funding continues as it has during the last decade. Consequently the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library should be allowed to continue to provide the level of service our community supports.

Shelby School Levy: No

We encourage the district to consider cost-saving measures, then pursue another, smaller levy in the future. Our schools are perhaps the most worthwhile investment we can make, but a balance has to be reached.

Mansfield Income Tax Levy: Yes

No one wants more taxes, but no one wants more crime and fewer services either. A 0.25 percent income tax increase seems a fair price to pay to avoid that scenario.

Mansfield Schools Renewal Levy: Yes

Five years ago, the Mansfield City Schools were in a dismal state financially and academically. We have seen much improvement since then and we ask voters to support the 9.9-mill renewal levy to help the district continue that progress.

Ontario Swimming Pool: No

We think the proposed outdoor aquatic center would be an asset to the community, but we aren’t confident that this is the right time to ask voters for money, or that a 25-year bond issue is the best way to build it.

County Commissioner: Utt

As a retired United Autoworker with 26 years at the former General Motors Stamping plant in Ontario, Utt is intimately aware of the challenges our county’s workers have faced. He is a respected leader and has experience working with other local agencies concerned with jobs in our community, including Job and Family Services, North Central State College, Pioneer Career and Technology Center and Madison Adult Education. We have seen great success as these groups collaborate for the common good.

County Commissioner: Wert

As a produce farmer and small businessman, Wert understands the value of hard work and community involvement. He also has strong opinions about the needs of an anticipated boom in natural resource development and how to protect the county from unnecessary costs.

As of 11/5 – 7:50am what they are saying on the MNJ!

Mark Arnold

Obama, move to the middle? Hilarious. Work across the aisle? Hilarious.

Matt Johnson

Congratulations on continuing to be a biased news source MNJ!
  • Shawn Woerlein ·  Subscribe · Works at Whirlpool Corporation

    Even more of a reason not to subscribe!
    Reply · Like · 10 hours ago
  • Scott Holbrooks · Brand Director at Iron Pony Motorsports

    Let me get this straight…..they think because he cannot run in 2016 that he will move more toward the center & work with Conservatives?
    Reply · 1 · Like · 10 hours ago

    David Spain ·  Top Commenter · Works at Retired fire fighter, paramedic, fire inspector

    The New Journal’s endorsement of Obama is naive at best. In the next four years, “Barry” will, with money from a Federal tax on oil at the wellhead generated by the biggest oil boom ever from the wide-scale fracking of some twenty massive shale oil fields, and the consent of the Democrat controlled Congress, set himself up as the most generous President in U.S. history. There will be even more Federal “entitlements”, and the payback for “Barry” from the voters will be a third term in office, despite words to the contrary in what will be a meaningless Constitution. The end result EIGHT years from tomorrow will be an irreversible socialist United States of America. As God is my witness, I hope I’m wrong. David Spain

    Joe Dinger ·  Top Commenter · The Ohio State University

    Turn your clocks back 1 hour, not your country back 4 years. Vote Obama.

Dennis Armstrong · Mansfield, Ohio

It will be more like Obama will not be afraid to push his left wing agenda since he won’t have to worry about reelection.
  • Terri Hummel · Works at Retired Teacher

    Exactly what we said! He had 4 years to show how he worked with Republicans and that is WITH an election coming up. Lame reason, News Journal!! They don’t think Romney will work with them?
    Reply · Like · 14 hours ago

    Mark Arnold

    Oh, and NJ staff…..where is the State Issue 1 and 2 endorsements?

    Christopher Dunson ·  Top Commenter · The Ohio State University

    The MNJ logic escapes me…move to the middle ?
    The MNJ is “confident” that their town is still naive Democrats, certainly their survival depends on the outcome – hmmmm?
    My endorsements have certainly hurt our retail store knowing those tied together here are so tight knitted who boycott Privately owned businesses!
    It’s time to END this Walmart like oppression, the MNJ has got it WRONG!, now it’s time to hit their pocketbooks by sending them a message.
    It’s time to DROP those subscriptions….

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