News Journal claims could mean Garber family could see closure?

Good to see finally a way around the secrecy of these secret grand Juries. Yes, let we the people see in the name of integrity what was disclosed, let us decide if it was a racketeering job or not? Also known as “Legal Sham Process”

Plaintiff in Garber suit to get grand jury…

“The plaintiff in the wrongful death lawsuit filed in the deputy-involved shooting of Brian Garber will have access to grand jury testimony.”

***Could be trouble for the Drew Tyler gang, getting access to critical evidence withheld could be found as damaging as the Mike Skidmore case in which we surely have not heard our last about? Tick Tick Tick, the crooked are getting exposed…

In his deposition, Frazier testified that during the events of March 16, 2014, he never saw Garber’s hand come out from under his shirt or present any object outside Garber’s shirt, according to court records.

In that same deposition, Frazier also testified that prior to his grand jury testimony, a written statement was prepared at the behest of Frazier’s attorney.

In that statement, dated Nov. 6, 2014, Frazier said, ‘(Garber) lifted his shirt up slightly with the fingers of his left hand and with his right hand, he pulled out what appeared to be a firearm from under his shirt.’ ”

Judge Polster said the two statements were “clearly” inconsistent.

Don’t know much about this case, no problem I have it archived here! …

Justice for Brian Garber

Connie Garber for Commissioner.

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