News Flash for the Mayor of Mansfield!; Fed-Ex creating 150 jobs in Ontario?

Do you remember saying this in your January Article “Vets get look at new VA clinic”?

“Everyone keeps saying Ontario is getting all the retail. Well, you know what? I would rather have medical than retail any day. You look at the income that people are making for medical. Retail is important, but it’s minimum wage. There are some other ideas out here that are coming along.” Mansfield Mayor Tim Theaker

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FedEx, 150 jobs coming to Ontario

Now, what are those ideas that are coming along again???? Appears Ontario is doing something you don’t like, creating a DIVERSE playground of supporting jobs while you put all your eggs into a failing healthcare business many can’t afford – who’s going to pay for the business you support?

 I understand wealth is created by folks who make things, neither of you have really done a good job at bringing that in, but hey! It’s nice to take jabs at one another until you figure it out right?

Here’s a couple problems I see with THIS NEWS!

Construction should start this May or June and be completed by the middle of 2015. FedEx considered several locations, including sites in Crawford County, but found Ontario the most appealing, Weidemyre said. Westmoreland Company will buy 31 acres from the City of Ontario and lease the property to FedEx, Weidemyre said.

Weidemyre said FedEx will break ground in May and build a full-scale packaging and shipping operation with 50 truck docks, and invest roughly $6 mililon to $7 million inside in conveyor equipment.

Weidemyre said the developer is committed to hiring local construction contractors, and FedEx plans to hire local people for jobs with wages of $18 to $20 an hour. – How will we know if locals are hired when you use an out of State developer? (See below)

Justin Lipscomb, of Moltus Building Group, and Kip Cockrell, of The Westmoreland Company, attended the meeting. Cockrell declined comment.

In January, Ontario City Council voted to give the mayor permission to sign an assumption of purchase agreement with a developer. Weidemyre has been working with the Fortune 500 company for about a year.

Earlier, council voted on an ordinance authorizing the mayor to sign a purchase and sales agreement with JDC Property Group, a developer for the company from Kansas City, Mo., for the sale of about 22.1 acres of real estate at $7,500 an acre, according to the council agenda.

Since then, another developer, Westmoreland Group of Hunstville, Ala., was awarded the project to build the new facility. – I know there’s local developers, so why use an out of Stater? 

The city bought the 67-acre property, which is currently farmland, about 10 years ago from the Beer family.

The industrial park is on Beer Road across from the former General Motors Stamping Plant. The roadway going into the industrial park will be called Urwin Parkway in honor of the late Ontario Mayor Bob Urwin. Just curious why the City would not honor the one who practically gave them the property like they did Mr Hawkins? Instead they honor a Mayor and give the “original wealth creator” the boot by taking away his recognition “Beer Rd”. Appears .gov thinks they are the job creators and forgetting the people who got us here?


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