News crew? I dont think so! – This NEWS came from a Citizen Journalist!

You know this is fake, NEWS crew?

Nah, with all that secret service around, that was a citizen journalist! 👍

How ever like Mike Skidmore, If they’re not dead they will be portrayed by the media as a domestic terrorist and railroaded into prison as a way to silence forever! 😉

In Mikes case we can only pray he survives what we hear they are doing to him being its rumored his counsel has taken all they can from him and now throwing in the towel?


How is Drew Tyler successful as a self proclaimed puppet master?

When you have Nepotism & friends top to bottom in the Political spectrum along with seizing CONtrol of the Courts by REMOVING elected officials from doing their jobs in the name of CONflict of interest its GAME OVER for anyone who resists them.

Divide & CONquer! Its all about the CON?

Have you noticed lately, nobody trusts anyone anymore!

That’s the Beauty of how the Drew Tyler’s get exposed and WHY this Country is great & will never be destroyed!

Its “In God We Trust”, NOT In Government We Trust just because our money says its so. Tick tick tick – Drew Tyler’s BEWARE, the TRUTH & the way is coming…


***The question becomes, is there ANY Counsel out there Drew Tyler can’t control?

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