My Thanksgiving WISH for those who shop for Christmas

What Americans actually say by making minimum wage employees out of those that work for them in retail on these “special days” is…I am cheaper than cheap! It’s one thing to get a good deal, like you would on something good at XYZ – I say XYZ because the same people who this is pointed towards would surely call my employer to complain. People really don’t care IF that gift breaks or not as long as they have something to wrap. Now, these same people don’t buy this stuff at tax time for themselves, that’s the question Americans need to ask themselves, “Are we this selfish?”, and we BLAME the President “One man” for everything that is wrong in this Country. I say….LOOK AROUND!, there’s plenty of blame.  I blame those who are THIS cheap, that they will sacrifice their children for everything they consider throw away that will eventually fill the Earth we live on. Does this make sense for one WITH common sense? Where’s the American PRIDE?, it’s surely not in that crap gift many are wrapping on this wasteful day, a day in which we Celebrate life saddens me. Now I feel better “telling it like it is”.

What’s your thoughts on Christmas these days? I have NEVER in my life seen so much greed, hate, selfishness all wrapped up in just a few days where Corporate America has gotten us back to the day of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” comes early where we have many tyrants fighting over your business that they so much can care less about YOUR family time when many can’t spend time with their families over the lengthened weekend to share thanks with their families. With this NEW profound attitude of greed, where is the Thanks? – surely the greedy Corporate business owner is not losing money on this day as they proclaim, are they? I would hope not when it’s NOT them who are sacrificing family time to LOSE money on these so-called Thanks to customers, it makes NO SENSE! I thought BUSINESS in this Country was in business to MAKE money, NOT lose money?

I will leave you to comment, and would love to hear your take on this, the LARGEST sales extravaganza of the year! Have we gone too far?, to the point we have sold out American values to the downtrodden all in the name of losing money and trashing the Earth?

I will leave you with this working in retail. If you are one who is PUSHY, HATEFUL, NOT ENJOYING the moment that you will not get a deal IF you demand it from me. I actually despise the one who cares less I am here, a human the same as you, who begs to be treated as you wish to be treated. Think BEFORE you shop, the person you may be yelling at is NOT responsible for this, and is simply just working to manage their family unlike the MANY you will be shopping with who think they are entitled to the deal.

GREED MUST STOP!, and it MUST be “WE THE PEOPLE” who stop it!

Have a blessed Holiday, do it with a smile, or STAY HOME!

This is MY Thanksgiving Wish giving I HAVE TO WORK on Thanksgiving!

Thank 4 of the top 10 Richest in the USA – Thank Walmart that OUR STORE is open Thanksgiving night from 8pm-11pm, then back open at 6am Black Friday in which WE have to be there at 5am 🙁 Sure, I’ll be there with a smile and joking that I am there, just remember, if you want my help you had better check your attitude at the door 🙂


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