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To those who cannot handle “the Perspective” of Mansfielders (“Poppycock” – I don’t think so!)

Date: 2012-06-29, 8:38AM EDT
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Well folks, I am sure you have came to either OR aka “tell it like it is” and have seen what it’s about. The site was made up because there are people in Mansfield who are not allowed to speak otherwise because they are CENSORED by our faithful local paper than is run from abroad, hmmm? – something a terrorist would do. As you have seen, these terrorists are now using craigslist as their way to intimidate through anonymity.

I ask, do you think people like this are patriots or pinheads?. I’ll say “pinheads” because of the language, snide remarks, and the perverted way they think!

This site lets you speak out against elected officials and their cronies, so don’t think those who are hateful of this site as being average good private citizens, these are more than likely the same people YOU & I pay with our hard earned money to who will abuse us with every chance. Here they do it again from behind a keyboard putting names and places where we work as intimidation thinking we will go away!.

Well, I hate to tell them this! – Nothing we are doing is illegal, WE STILL HAVE THIS ONE FREEDOM in this Country “FREE SPEECH”. Until THEY can get a LAW passed to suppress it, they will have to DEAL WITH IT!. When you assume a PUBLIC POSITION, YOU ASSUME “PUBLIC SCRUTINY”

Get over yourselves, your day of “reckoning” is upon you, and I suggest YOU go away! – The GOOD citizens of this County / City are taking it back, one citizen at a time!


You want integrity, quit thinking my invites to the store you keep posting as a threat and come and make YOUR POINT of why you do it!. Quite frankly my employer is not ammused, so don’t be surprised if something happens in that regard. When you are one of the top in sales, you’re more of an asset than a liability – So put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

Those who buy from me know you’re nothing but trash, especially since you trash us like a terrorist! – So why don’t you PROUDLY come out from behind your keyboard IF your so confident you have a following or folks who stand with you?. Maybe YOU should create a site?, you act like your somebody, but then use this FREE service – lol!

If anythings “poppycock” it’s those I do not fear!, the “Obsequious Pusillanimous” – Another thing THEY don’t like, having to use a dictionary to understand what you’re saying – lol!. Are these the type of tards you want WORKING FOR YOU?, because those certainly who are PRIVATE CITIZENS could care less about this site, it’s NOT about us, it’s about a Leadership that’s preparing us for Bankruptcy….That’s the bottom line folks $$$$$Money$$$$$$, that’s all they want!. As you can see in today’s headline, it’s NEVER enough!

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