My Craiglist fan can only be John Mayer!

There is NOBODY, I mean NOBODY who is dumb enough to stick their neck out like this!. He’s a moron, and his rants are proof of why he will not say who he is.

Here’s a compilation of what’s been posted on his behalf after my post yesterday!

Craigslist Postings used to defamate and intimidate

Phil Sydnor of ABC WAREHOUSE

Date: 2012-07-17, 10:22PM EDT
Reply to:


… a complete wackjob.
Befriends pedophiles, stalkers and hillbillies or anyone who will listen to his garbage.
He has these “conspiracy theories” that are hilarious.

This man has to be the biggest loser in Mansfield.
This man is on smear campaigns because he got caught beating his wife

He says everything is Professional Courtesy and Immunity!
What an IDIOT.

Anthony Phil Sydnor Personal Info

Date: 2012-07-17, 10:35PM EDT
Reply to:

Got’em. Thank you again public records.

Anthony Sydnor

Date: 2012-07-18, 10:51AM EDT
Reply to:


It’s more evidence than you have about anything you’ve said. If you didn’t commit domestic violence, why did you hire one of the best lawyers in town? Oh, I know, to battle against the “corrupt system.” Just because a good lawyer gets you a lesser charge, doesn’t mean you didn’t commit the crime. Yes, I will remain anonymous. The only reason you haven’t done so is because you slipped up and somebody outed you. Nobody really wants to hear your wife beating, trailer trash opinion of anything. Yes, I have a MM, but it hasn’t nothing to do with commiting violence or somebody fearing I will commit violence.

Anthony Phillip Sydnor (Pebble Creek Trailer Park)

Date: 2012-07-18, 12:27PM EDT
Reply to:


The funniest thing about this violent offender is that he thinks whatever public official he’s been going on about is addressing him directly. No Phil, it’s just us normal people who are tired of reading your posts. We look you up on public records because if you are going to post a bunch of conspiracy theories, we want to know how credible they are. We don’t think you’re very credible, so don’t go getting a big head thinking that you’ve got the attention of someone who is trying to silence you. It is us, the normal people, your peers who don’t like you

Phil Sydnor (Trailer Trash)

Date: 2012-07-18, 5:00PM EDT
Reply to:


I agree……. I am normal with NO police record except a few speeding tickets and I think it is hilarious that he thinks everyone is
listening to his crap. People are reading your rants LAUGHING at you and your copy and paste website. The only people you befriend are sick ignorant people on the wrong side of the law who fondle children and stalk women.
No matter how many years ago it happened you are a WOMAN BEATER TRAILER LIVING FAGGOT. TAKE THAT AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ARSE.

PS……. ABC warehouse is tired of their name being on here associated with your dumb ass. So I am going to make sure its on here 24/7 so people know where your minimum wage arse works.

Anthony Phil Sydnor

Date: 2012-07-18, 7:31PM EDT
Reply to:


As credible as his friends who won’t expose who they are online and post under fake names, the child molesters, pedophiles and felon stalkers.

Anthony Phil Sydnor

Date: 2012-07-18, 7:34PM EDT
Reply to:


He is a violent offender…. and so are his friends who have felony police records also.

Re…Now lets see who the idiot is!

Date: 2012-07-18, 7:44PM EDT
Reply to:


Nobody is hiding from you we are laughing at you, you aren’t worth the gas in my hummer to even come out and see you.

But I do get a woody harassing you!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Date: 2012-07-18, 7:48PM EDT
Reply to:





Date: 2012-07-19, 2:14AM EDT
Reply to:


Definition: The only word Phil Sydnor learned in special ed.

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3 Responses to My Craiglist fan can only be John Mayer!

  1. buckeyesyd says:

    We can thank Jay Glauner for making the APA operate like it should, as we see from John and his friends rants – good riddens!. His dislexia has him perplexed!

  2. buckeyesyd says:

    Wouldn’t waste the gas in your hummer?. Didn’t you mean your stalking mobile the 94 Cutlass Ciera, which by the way is the ONLY thing left you can hang onto since you didn’t win your 2 MILLION dollar lawsuit.

    I bet the Richland Mall is happy to have you working there!

  3. buckeyesyd says:

    Here’s my response –
    Surely will be flagged, so here is what it said…

    Let’s see if you get any sleep? (Mr Sydnor to you!)

    Date: 2012-07-19, 8:02AM EDT
    Reply to:

    Your rants mean nothing Mr John Mayor & friends – I didn’t lose a job State or otherwise like you and your friend Leitenberger who by the way I hear has befriended you for your rants that make others want to expose your corrupt ways!. Why has he disowned you?, does he not want what happened to your drunk ass?. Keep tossing down the beers and keep up with your drivel, it will sooner or later catch up to you. What I do is surely legal compared to your attacks.

    You PUNKS are simply worried about the NEXT barrage of lawsuits coming that break the BANK regardless if any levies pass!

    The taxpayers are getting the message, and the HEAT is on! – If this is ALL you have, those laughing are laughing at you – lol!

    I hired the BEST Lawyer in town? – I guess that’s because this town doesn’t have ONE good trial lawyer and ALL they have are DEALS!. Yes, I got a deal – lol!, that’s what I rant about that’s the single biggest joke in this town and why we have so many criminals on the streets.

    I have posted I will pay $1,000 to find out who you are, and would love to sue you, but it’s hard when you’re one of the TOP Salesmen in the store making more than you now do as a Mall Cop. This is what pisses you off!, and why I got such as response after posting a response to your first poppycock message.

    Just so the readers know, I married my accuser who only filed a domestic to show her appreciation and need for me. You know, some women want a commitment and this is their way of getting it. You wouldn’t know that because your wife left you after a few short months for a sex offender. You will say these women are nuts, but I will ask you…Where is yours?, and NO – strippers and prostitutes don’t count – lol!. That’s all you have left now “middle age man”.

    I suspect you find a NEW hobby, for this one posting drivel you can’t back up or put your name to could net you the time in the pokey, but then again your brother the Prosecutor can fix that too! – can’t he?. After all it was he and Judge DeWeese who railroaded that sex offender who took your ex-wife that still has this Judge fighting for the same immunity that all of you got. The NEXT suit coming won’t be as easy, Mall Cops don’t get immunity! – especially those who don’t have the credentials to be one!

    Peace out my friend, when you flag this you can still find it on the MP blog page where the WORLD will see here –


    As I have said…Business has NEVER been better – Thank you!

    Here’s a couple before and after pics of you; Before losing your job, to after losing your job and crying about it! – I bet the MNJ and WMFD are proud after running that poppycock story?. How did your letter to the Governor Kasich turn out? – the NEWS for some reason isn’t giving anymore updates – lol!

    I added the pics I shared to the blog where you can see before and after getting fired!. What a bitch it is to lose a State job which is nearly impossible to do, but he and his once friend BOTH did it!

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