Mudder meant tourism boom?, $2.3 Million for who’s economy?

I find this hard to believe!, I worked in Ontario on this day – we we’re practically SHUT DOWN because of the traffic jams. Surely the food industry BOOMED, everyone has to eat! Now let’s see if this so-called boom reaches the rest of us, or it just pads the share holders pockets of many franchises that fed these people. Surely those who work for them didn’t prosper anymore than usual, and worked harder for it! If minimum wage was raised I could see the good in this for us locally. (Just my opinion) – If you disagree, say so! – References where $2.3 mill helped the little guy please!!!!!!

I am curious though, who got the money for parking at GM?


ONTARIO — Mansfield/Richland County Convention and Visitors Bureau president Lee Tasseff said last month’s Tough Mudder challenge attracted 18,000-plus visitors to the Mansfield area, generating $2.3 million for the local economy.

During the bureau’s annual meeting at the Ontario Event Center on Wednesday, Tasseff said Tough Mudder turned into a public relations vehicle for the area. Only 56 other communities in the world can say they are a host for Tough Mudder.

Mansfield provided a nearly 500-acre site for Tough Mudder, northeast of Mansfield Lahm Airport on city-owned land. Tasseff thanked Mayor Tim Theaker, City Engineer Bob Bianchi, Public Works Director Angelo Klousiades, Lahm Airport Manager Mark Daugherty and Safety-Service Director Lori Cope.

“If the city didn’t agree to let them use their land it wouldn’t have happened,” he said. “We needed somebody to say ‘yes we can use our land.’”

Excellence in Tourism awards were given to five winners: the City of Mansfield and four businesses — Oak Park Tavern, Glen’s Surplus in Shelby, Tree Frog Canopy Tours and Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp.

The City of Mansfield received the award for saying yes and for all the work employees did behind the scenes to make Tough Mudder a reality, Tasseff said.

“Until that point no one else could engage in the process.”

Tasseff thanked Downtown Mansfield Inc. and the bureau’s staff for helping make the Tough Mudder a success. City of Ontario officials were lauded for making contact with The Adler Group, owners of the former General Motors property, for arranging 11th hour parking at the former stamping plant. Richland Mall manager Jodi Scott also provided parking.

Kim Miers, marketing and meetings director at the bureau, got the initial call from a Tough Mudder scout in late February in 2012. Tough Mudder will return next year, about the same time.

Josh Maurer, the bureau’s board chairman, said 2012 was an excellent year as tourism made great strides.

“We launched our brand new look, won industry awards for many of our new marketing tools including a new, display booth, ads, Shawshank Trail and haunted promotional videos,” Maurer said. “Our public relations efforts yielded record results.”

In addition, 2012 also brought news of Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course hosting a NASCAR race.

Maurer said tourism is the No. 4 local employer and continues to play a vital role in Richland County’s economy, generating $284 million in spending and $7.6 million in local tax dollars while supporting 3,975 jobs with a payroll of almost $70 million.
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