Mouthpiece for local Corruption Drew Tyler” believes an Elected Judge replaced by a higher court, NOW THAT’s ROTFLMAO!

Let’s take a closer look shall we? Here’s a little of what they are saying on the copycat MP site – unsensored?

Anthony Phillip to Mansfielders Perspective – Unsensored

Wanna have some REAL fun?

Ask Richland County how an elected Judge gets replaced by one who’s in retirement?

The people say uh huh????

Remember when we were told by local media that Mike Skidmore defied Judge DeWeese’s orders? Did they not know this Judge refused himself? Not in writing for all we know, there’s no record of our Elected Judge being taken off the case to be replaced by this Judge Reinbold, who by the way came from Ca…

 What Drew Tyler believes…

Drew Tyler
Drew TylerBecause the higher courts have the ability to use retired judges when they need to…and apparently they felt they needed to. If you think there is something you can do about it….lets see you do something. Maybe your ex-boyfriend Shithead can conjure up some kind of “brief” and stop such things from occuring bwhahahahhaha.
Anthony Phillip
Anthony PhillipFYI, an Elected Judge my friend cannot be removed by a higher court doofus! The Judge hearing the case has to recuse themself, and it MUST be in writing to a higher court. Please advise, where is that record?
Just as usual you are FOS, please provide your proof this was done. While your at it find out why Bambi Couch was also replaced? Funny stuff going on here my friend, surely many others would like to know as well. I will wait for your answer! 👍
Drew Tyler
Drew TylerPerhaps you need to read the law again dumbass bwhaah. Better yet, why don’t you have Randy Shithead try to explain it to you. A Judge does not personally have to recuse themselves from a case….that request for the judge to be removed can come from any party involved in the action, including the judge. So, if you want to know why then why don’t you ask them and maybe, if they feel like it, they will tell you. Your the one bent over on conspiracy theories without all the facts, you want facts, then get REAL facts not just your worthless imagination running at large. Bwhahahah and still ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.
Anthony Phillip
Anthony PhillipWhere does that law exist? Please old great sensei please enlighten us on how a Judge can be taken off a case of not for executive branch over reach? Is this written somewhere in the Constitution where only the fake Drew knows? Please share this LAW where a sitting Judge elected by the people can be taken out. I will wait…

Clocks ticking tick tick tick! 👍

Anthony Phillip
Anthony PhillipIt appears YOU my friend don’t know the RULES! A higher court can’t remove a Judge elected by the people for the people, so why did Judge DeWeese once again take himself out? Funny how this is not noteworthy on the original case docket?
Drew Tyler
Drew TylerAgain, how do you know DeWeese “took himself out?” Perhaps it was at the request of one of the other parties involved. You wanna find out, then ask the right people. You think you are worthy of the answers, they will determine that. If you wanna know why it’s not on the court docket, ask the Clerk of Courts. Damn stupid, do I have to tell you everything. bwhahahhaha. So maybe you should read the rules again before doing as you always do…make yourself look more stupid than I already do everyday when I call you out
Anthony Phillip
Anthony PhillipI ask questions cause we the people are the rightful masters of our Government. You don’t want to follow the rules that’s ok, but that’s the rules! Since when does a citizen have to be worthy to ask and get answers? This is ALL in law and rules how this Country operates, you don’t want to follow then you are in contempt of that law!
No wonder you post under this FAKE alias, you are embarassed to admit who you are or the fact you could get served for such lies. Tick tick tick we are taking this Country back!
Drew Tyler
Drew TylerAnd what rules am I not following? For some reason your little mind still thinks I work on some sort of public position or government. Citizens can always ask their questions but unfortunately when they don’t get the answers they want, they do exactly what you do,,, you whine and cry. Again, prove my name isn’t Drew Tyler. You have been saying that for 8 years and have yet to offer one shred of proof. I know, your going to say, “Come into ABC Whorehouse where I work and produce some ID to prove who you are.” The truth is…I owe you nothing. If you can’t handle the truth then suck it up buttercup, the world don’t spin around you. Now off with you lil boy. You are dismissed….for now.

Read the LAW dummy! – It CLEARLY depicts this must be done in writing and filed in the Supreme Court Clerks Office. Yes, we need the record that depicts Judge DeWeese wanted recused from the Mike Skidmore case, and it MUST BE APPROVED by the Supreme Justice.

Where is this record dummy? It is of public record and cannot be withheld as you say for only those deemed worthy, what are you smoking?  I would also like the reference to the LAW where a sitting Judge, Elected by the people for the people can be replaced by a higher court? IF that’s the case, where is that public record filed? Yes – Just like questions to your friends they believe they don’t have to answer where is this documented? I for one don’t buy it, and want to see it!

Tick tick tick, as I say…the TRUTH is coming, and NO, I don’t mean your version of the truth. I mean the TRUTH that is in writing and filed in the Supreme Court Clerks Office. Once again, I want to see where an elected Judge is taken out without first being requested, and secondly where its approved by the Supreme Court Justice. The FILED document please!!!!!

Do I need to spell out affidavit for you??????

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  1. Phil says:

    It’s interesting how the mouthpiece of deception always thinks this is how it is?
    This is not how it is, READ THE LAW!

    Also read LEGAL SHAM PROCESS, that’s what this is!

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