Most Wanted escapes Community Alternative Center?

Most Wanted fled probation officer.

“While on supervision, Kershner has had several rule violations and drug usage,” said J.J. Bittinger, a member of the local division of the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force. “He was placed at the Community Alternative Center in March but absconded from there the first week of April and has been on the run since.” – How does this happen when you are under community control?

The Community Alternative Center (CAC) should be shut down!

There’s a reason why these people run or recommit here!

Its run by the same people who runs the Security outfit that attacked Mike Skidmore, a 30 year prison guard for doing nothing in public meeting last July while explaining how executive sessions actually work. Its time the public knows why we have so much trouble out of these agencies?

Surely Drew Tyler my so called self proclaimed master will speak out on this, if he don’t I won’t be surprised being recently caught using their multiple personalities on a Galion site. I was informed this Drew Tyler and a fired Crestline cop are one of the same.

Interesting Stuff, you say?


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