“MOST WANTED” – A drug user, what’s next? – People who blog against corruption?

MANSFIELD — Willie Fields has a history of drug and probation violations.

His latest go-around with the law involves both. Fields, 56, is wanted for a probation violation. The original charge was possession of drugs.

A warrant was issued in April. Fields’ criminal history shows several arrests for drug violations. He also has two previous probation violation arrests.

“Apparently, he still hasn’t learned and thinks he doesn’t have to follow the rules,” Sgt. Tim Shook said. “We have checked several addresses in the area with no luck.”

Fields is 6 feet, 1 inch and weighs 205 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the Richland County division of the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force at 419-774-3565 or 866-4-WANTED.

People also can text the keyword “WANTED” and send a tip to 847411, or go to a link at www.us marshals.gov/ district/oh-n/ fugitives. Reward money is available, but tipsters also can remain anonymous.

“Most Wanted” is a weekly feature of the News Journal.

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Link to the MNJ Article – http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/article/20120625/NEWS01/206250310/MOST-WANTED

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One Response to “MOST WANTED” – A drug user, what’s next? – People who blog against corruption?

  1. buckeyesyd says:

    My responses to the article that you will find CENSORED from THEIR site;

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · School of Hard Knocks
    A Drug user is our “MOST WANTED” this week? Why is he “MOST WANTED”, because he uses drugs and pays for them with assistance? If this is not the case, then leave the poor man alone, this is how the oppressed deal with POOR LEADERSHIP! I am hearing more stories on a daily basis, folks are tired of raising taxes on the premise you’re going to take care of them. If this guy wants to ruin his life, then by God let him do it, it’s his choice!

    Now, IF he was one of our MANY protected drug dealers in this area, I would say hang him and all those who have kept him from jail. I am looking for, and have many who know this coming to Mansfielders Perspective on facebook and http://www.mansfieldersperspective.com to share their stories. I suppose, since these people know what’s going on here they are all mental like they claimed Byron Yambrisak was when he exposed a big time prostitution ring in our area?

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · School of Hard Knocks
    Unless a drug user commits a crime against others, you are doing NOTHING but wasting and feeding your own justice system. Just ask DeWeese, the 10 commandments say nothing about drugs!, but we’ll leave those who steal from kids go free!. Remember the teacher (Athletic Director) from Madison who stole the pay to play money the kids were paying in to play sports?. He broke a Commandment and the DeWeeses Court found since he has an education he deserves “professional courtesy”, and we wonder why people like this are doing drugs?.

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