Morgenstern will run for county commissioner seat, Great story by Lou Whitmire here!


David Morgenstern


Highlights I feel are important to fellow Richland County residents in red.


MANSFIELD — Lexington resident David Morgenstern announced Friday he will run for Richland County commissioner in the Republican primary May 6.

He joins two other announced candidates for the seat held by longtime Commissioner Ed Olson, who is retiring Dec. 31 at the end of his term.

Keith Markley resigned last week as director of the Richland County Emergency Management Agency in order to run. In October, Shelby Mayor Marilyn John announced her intention to seek the nomination.

Morgenstern, who lost to incumbent Democrat Gary Utt in 2012 but garnered 43.3 percent of the votes, previously was a commissioner candidate in the 2010 GOP primary.

A Lexington High School graduate, Morgenstern, 50, said while attending The Ohio State University at Mansfield he worked seven years for UPS, then ran a health facility with his older brother in Columbus, a roughly $2.5 million business. In his early 30s, he survived colon cancer and bought and sold commercial vehicles. He lived on an 80-stall horse farm in Franklin County for five years, involved in managing and growing the farm for a private owner who was in real estate. He also served as that owner’s personal assistant.

Morgenstern said he speaks fluent German, a benefit for Amish and Mennonite voters in northern Richland County whom he will represent if elected. He has served for the past 13 years on the Richland Correctional Institution/Mansfield Correctional Institution advisory citizens committee.

He served 10-plus years on the board of directors for Raemelton Therapeutic Equestrian Center and over the past 10 years attended more than 200 Richland County commissioners meetings, the latter because he felt it was his civic duty to do so.

“I’m not using this as a chance to enhance my political career or supplement my retirement,” he said.

If elected, Morgenstern said he feels he is qualified for the job. I concur; When it comes to integrity and being a true voice for the County I truly endorse Mr. Morgenstern as one who will not commit himself to sitting in an office or working for cronies, he is very personable and a get out and meet the people kind of guy who will surely be an asset to our communities with common sense approaches to what we need to do to get Richland County MOVING again. 

He would like to work on the issues of bullying in the schools and foreclosures in Richland County. He also wants to make it easier for the owner of Richland County’s small businesses to have access to government and also lower their taxes. I am sure he will work on bullying by fellow public workers as well (hint, hint) and assure there is accountability as well as knowing he has a backer here with others to assure there’s transparency to the goings on here in the County. 

“As a citizen, I’m dialed into everything in a good way,” he said. “People want to live and work in Richland County.” That is a TRUE statement, but first we need a good LEADER, known David for decades and know he will be someone you can reach and talk to who is not afraid to do the work.

Anyone who has been following the MP knows we are ALL ABOUT TRUTH & JUSTICE, and like David said…People want to LIVE and WORK in Richland County, and I believe he will fight the good fight to see that that happens for anyone who wants to be free of oppression we are seeing now. Isn’t it time we give the County back to the GOOD PEOPLE of Richland County? Don’t you think we are long over due for transparency than cover ups? Don’t you think it’s a long time coming folks can be safe by given the opportunity to work if we have someone who will work for you instead of the status quo that only fills its own pockets. David is about “the people”, a humble man, who will truly work for you!

Here I give you the place you will not be censored to speak out on the issues important to you that through this site we can get answers for BEFORE the Election if you have any doubts David is the man for you.

Let’s see if out anonymous haters will refute in public, or if they will cower knowing their days are numbered if we can get David into office, shall we?
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Written by
Lou Whitmire
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