Morgenstern should be our next Richland County Commissioner – I agree with Paul Ritenour, D.O. of Lexington

Vote for Fiscal responsibility, not crony capitalism lifers in local politics.

Vote for Fiscal responsibility, not crony capitalism lifers in local politics.

I support David Morgenstern in his bid for county commissioner.

David is well known in the community and comes from a large, well-respected family. David is hard working and well connected. His strengths include public speaking and personal communication. He has been an asset to my medical practice.

Paul Ritenour, D.O.



  I would like to add he will be a REFRESHING start to CHANGE in Richland County from Politics as USUAL! Meaning he is NOT a career Politician who is supported by the status quo…

Johns is backed by Banker John Brown – lol! I’m starting to think he’s getting friendlier with her than his bar maid next door to his Bank?

Markley is already learning bad habits in regards to corrupting conflict of interest, while looking like he stepped down to run for Commish while still getting paid as a CONsultant for EMA – LOL!

Then we have Phil Scott throwing in his hat just in case these 2 cronies don’t make it. Is this what Richland County needs, MORE double / triple dippers simply looking for easy retirement? The Clerk of Courts is where corruption and collusion begins, my guess is his experience here is why they want him?

Time for change Mansfielders, you don’t VOTE, you can expect the local regime to not change as birds of a feather flock to keep their corrupt vision alive. You want someone who will out this, Dave is the man!


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