More Corruption in the Courts? – Surely the MP will get to the TRUTH! – Let’s see if the Courts and Heather Cockley can keep this silent?

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Saturday at 6:21am in Mansfield ·

  • BREAKING NEWS: A nationwide search is being conducted for  Danielle M. Ralph, 23 (aka Behr), who is reportedly with her two children. According to the Richland County Sheriff’s Office, Ralph had been attending a custody hearing in which temporary custody had been awarded to her ex-husband, Aaron Behr. Ralph left the courtroom and stated that she would not be giving up her children to anyone.
    Ralph has ties locally and to Columbus and is a self-avowed member of the Sovereign Citizen’s Movement. If you see Danielle Ralph or her children, please notify the US Marshals Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force by calling 1-866-4WANTED.  Reward money is available for actionable intelligence.  Tipsters may remain anonymous. — at Mansfield News Journal.

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      • Jessica Justice She used to be my neighbor…her dad was my land lord. This is crazy
      • Shawnna Ocheltree Go Mama Go! Run as fast and far as you can! Of course there’s reward money, why do you think she’s losing the kids? A mother’s love doesn’t mean shit any more because now it’s all about the best lawyers and who “wins the fight”. Been there done that…Daddy may have won  the fight but Mommy and the kids are left wounded forever…Please DO NOT SHARE
      • John Davidson Very troubling.
      • Aaron Mcghee Shawna it’s very rare that a father wins custody. Must have been something there to award him custody. Who’s to say the dad isn’t the more responsible parent? Sad that this is somehow a gender issue and not a kidnapping issue which it essentially is.
      • Rachel Sanders Don’t know the situation by any means but money talks! I have a VERY good friend who is an EXCELLENT mother who lost full custody of her children because their so called daddy and his new girlfriend had money. It really does happen people.
      • Lindsay Houck Coulter What’s the Sovereign Citizens?
      • Shawnna Ocheltree That’s right Rachel,we all know who gets up every hour to feed the baby, change the baby, take care of illness, betcha it wasn’t daddy…
      • Thom Mock Blah blah blah, she’s a friggen looser.
      • Shawnna Ocheltree Sovereign Citizens is not drug abuse, it’s the worse he could did up so they use it to make her sound like a kidnapping monster…
      • Aaron Mcghee I feel bad for you ladies and your apparent experience with men. I have 3 kids and my lovely wife is pregnant with twins and I’ve had a great time participating in all the things fathers should. I’ve woke up middle of nights and changed way more diapers than I can count and made countless bottles. Sorry you have had such negative experiences.
      • Shawnna Ocheltree Don’t feel sorry for US, just be happy that your good to your family…read quietly
      • Jessica Justice I lived beside her….her kids would be much better with the father. She is nuts
      • Tina Vollmer Stiffler Rachel, I am n that same boat as ur friend. A year ago my x was awarded emergency custody bc of lies he stated, he had an attorney & I did not. They never once asked for proof of anything, they just took him & his attorney @ their word.
        If they had done any research they would have found out that the man they have custody to, they had put n jail for beating our youngest son who was barely 2, they would have seen that I signed off on more than $10000 n back child support bc he had never held down a job. They would have seen that @ best he has been temporary n our 3 childrens lives. Instead I’m having to prove that the things he had accused me of are false when there was no proof n the first place to take them!!! I’m a single mom, who @ the time had a job that was requiring me to work 7 days a week, 12 hour days, & while I was working our kids were with family members, I never left them home alone, they were being well cared for!! He had the money to do what he did & that’s the only reason this has happened!!! Anyone that knows me, him, & our children r shocked by this…….its just tragic!!!!
      • Rachel Sanders i’m sure she was a better parent then you jessica justice considering who your kids belong to and the behaviors that you and chad have had
      • Rachel Sanders i would do anything to protect my children and if that meant i had to take them and leave dam straight i would! the movement she belongs to is nothing more then someone not believing in state or federal law google it people
      • Bea Stahle One of the Oklahoma City bombers was a member of the sovereign citizens….they don’t adhere to federal and state laws. Sovereign citizens don’t believe in taxes or that they should pay them so to avoid being tracked “sovereign citizens” don’t like to use SS cards, drivers license, birth certificates, and the like. (This in itself does not reflect parenting ability, just political views.)
      • Chris Miller Jessica and Rachel please take the bad talk elsewhere. Thanks A LOT because i’m positive Jami does NOT want these types of comments on her page!
      • Jessica Justice I don’t even know who rachel is….i just know the girl i lived next door to for two years   2 years ago when i lived next to her the dad had custody. Rachel doesn’t even know me to talk about me
      • Chris Miller Okay well it’s fine but Jami dont want post like there was i’m sure of it. She is just going off of who your kids dad is if she even knows him but anyways just wach what you say we dont want Jami mad and deleting any of you!
      • Sarah Huff I don’t care if jami deletes people. There’s a lot if people on her that just wanna bash others or shove their opinions down your throat. Lol
      • Jessica Justice All i said is what i seen and know from experience….this girl the article is about is nuts  then someone i don’t even started talking about me
      • Emily Browne Sovereign Citizens are nut jobs (Google them and watch their videos). They believe that law enforcement officers are fake. They will not listen to them and many will assault them. They constantly sue them for everything and anything and “payment can only be made with gold” (obviously they never prevail). They will *only* listen to a sheriff because they think they’re the only real law because they’re elected by the public.
      • Sarah Huff I’m not referring to you jessica. You’re not the one that’s bashing people. 😉 Also I’m not only referring to this set of comments. It’s every article. Someone has got to turn them personal. Either with religion, politics, or bashing people. Its ridiculous. This page is here to keep people informed. Not to pick fights.
      • Sarah Huff But just like any good day time talk show. I tune in to see how ridiculous it’s gonna be. Lol
      • Jenn Stiving Frazee Has there been an Amber alert issued?
      • Sarah Huff I haven’t received any amber alerts on my phone.
      • Erin Turowski Klein Please, let’s not malign these kids’ father.  I have been good friends with Aaron and his family since high school.  He is a great guy; he loves his kids, and he would do anything for them.  I am very glad the kids are home safely.
      • Pam Stiving Some of you must like to hear yourselves talk. You just don’t get it. There has been a kidnapping.  If this women cared at all about her kids she would stay and fight for them. Money has nothing to do with it. If she doesn’t have the money there are plenty of groups that could help her.
      • Micah Kuhn I am going through the same thing, but I gave proof to a court and am winning a case in which we both have lawyers. It is not always just bs that causes a woman to lose her kids. There are bad mothers out there. I won’t go into details on here but suffice to say that I have many good reasons for having custody and a court has thoroughly examined both sides and I provided a ton of proof. This is why I don’t take him to court with me. I fear she would just run off with our kid. People who don’t know the details and just take a mom’s side should consider that just like there are bad fathers there are also bad mothers. I hope this guy finds his children safe and sound.
      • Rachel Lynn Cole Unfortunately money does play a role in custody battles, sad to say but it does. I’ve seen tons of woman lose their babies to other people not just the fathers, only because they couldn’t afford to fight back.. And to the one that mentioned there are groups that would help this mom with court costs, your wrong. I’m on the fence when it comes to calling it kidnapping, guess I’d have to goggle the meaning but it is what it is with me, I’m ape shit crazy sometimes but my kid is my world, I know without a doubt if I was faced with this situation I would run way would I let my child be forced to live with his dad.  Then of course you have cases where it is best for the momma to lose all rights, which is unfortunate.   Another sad story right here, everybody’s busy trying to be something their not instead of who they are..
      • Elizabeth Brown seriously people everybody has a story no sense it everyone getting there panties in a bunch over a news post. if you don’t like the post don’t share it lmao. hope they find the kids unharmed.
      • Megan Christy I know plenty of men who have been denied custody of their child even though the mother is less that worthless . But I also know of 3 couples in the past 6 mo. Who the father and step mother got custody, not because they had money but because their kids were better off with them and not their mother’s. Im positive you have to and can provide proof against the other parent lawyer or not! Kids arent givin to the other parent just because they have money. So that is just ignorant…None of us know what goes on behind closed doors. None of us know her or him,so why so quick to judge why she lost her kids??? I’m sure there was something.
      • Drew Williams Who’s these lawyers?? I’m trying to get full custody of my kid.
      • Micah Kuhn Mine only works on ashland county so I can’t speak on richland county
      • Jenny Biggs Let’s just hope the children are safe.
      • Norm Thompson Most women would get spiteful and do some dumb stuff like this without thinking,I’m sure this will help out her future endeavors for getting them back. Dumb ppl in this world for real.
      • Jess Hoffman There are three sides to every story. His, hers and the truth.
      • Emily Browne They found the kids!!
      • Rick Prince Although I don’t know the whole situation I do know the father and he’s  great guy for the courts to take kids this young from there mother theirs a reason.
      • Levi Reeder I wouldn’t say sovereign citizens are nut jobs. They have many good points they just go against the norm puff what majority of people think
      • Brittany Shaum is she in jail??
      • Rachel Thompson I hope the kids are safe and with there mother!!
      • Jeannie Johnson I don’t blame her I would do the same thing
      • Marlisa Gilbert The mother is in Jail now according to the Richland County sheriffs facebook page
      • Ian Lee It seems reasonable for the law to be concerned about those that reject the law, partly because it is a position criminals of the worst sort would love to see recognized and, if they were recognized as unaccountable, would then also not be afforded the protections of the law.  Of course, the nitwits don’t think about that…  Let alone that in this day it’s probably not genius to be associated with one of the Oklahoma City Bombing conspirators.  Hence, yes, it’s pretty stupid to claim Sovereign Citizen membership – especially when it gets you no special privileges or get out if jail free card.
      • Eric Bosko Jamie. FYI. This subject was taken into custody by RCSO early Saturday morning and the children were located with her as well. The children were released to the fathers custody. The RCSO received assistance from MPD in the apprehension.
      • Pamela Kass FYI…she was taken into custody from Mansfield Domestic Violence Women’s Shelter.  Possibly injured during the process.
      • Phil Sydnor FYI – The MP will be following this story! Sounds like yet another corruption in the Courts due to another over stepping Judge who didn’t like her attitude who is more than likely a friend of the Behr heating and cooling family. Disappointed with Jamie’s one sided article 🙁 I know the family and by making them sound like anti government when the ex has a history and no mention of it is quite appalling. The TRUTH in this will prevail, but if you want to hear it, it won’t be in the MNJ!
      • more from the MNJ
      • Considerably toned down from the facebook incite!
      • Danielle M. Ralph arrested after vanishing with children

        Written by
        News Journal staff report – (I WONDER WHO THAT WAS?)
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        MANSFIELD — A 23-year-old woman was arrested early Saturday and served warrants charging her with interference with custody and contempt of court.

        Danielle M. Ralph was being held in Richland County Jail without bond. She had attended a custody hearing Thursday afternoon in which temporary custody of her 3-year-old daughter and her 2-year-old son had been awarded to Aaron Behr, her ex-husband.

        Ralph reportedly said she would not give up custody of her children to anyone. A nationwide warrant was issued, but the criteria for an Amber Alert were not met.

        She was arrested at the Domestic Violence Shelter with the help of Mansfield police.

        The sheriff’s office thanked the public and the media for their assistance in the apprehension.

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