MNJ writer giving Mansfield a quick look at his endorsement for Next Chief, says one who has commented.

Mansfield looks toward next police chief

Two candidates emerge in city’s search for top cop

I do find out of 4 candidates qualified with 2 retiring soon leaving ONLY 2 that it means the 2 left “emerge” in the City’s search for top cop when the Mayor says you need at least 3 qualified candidates. One would think 2 spoken of here are disqualified knowing they are about to retire legitimately. Surely IF they knew being Chief meant they could retire after a few short years they would have done this years ago? 

I agree with one comment with exception! Sure it appears the MNJ has endorsed the next Police Chief, but I beg to differ that it was by choice of the MNJ. I have noticed Mark Caudill as being the one behind MOST of these articles in which I have blamed the MNJ. To be fair to the other reporters who DO THEIR JOB, I have to point this out. Remember this reporter is also the same one who lobbied for the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR, that didn’t work out so well either, so what makes anyone think it will happen now? If anything, having your name in this paper is more of a plague than anything else thanks to those of us who point out what they so leave out. Maybe with the MP group someone will speak up and give a true endorsement because I would not call this it!

Here’s the comment that brought me to write my perspective on it;

Jean Huber Semonoff

I would suggest that the News Journal consider the fact that it is not their responsibility to select the New Chief. One must wonder if qualifications have been considered or is the consideration only that Toby Smith is female and Ken Koons is male. It would appear that the endorsement has been made by the News Journal by the placement of pictures and the use of a formal and informal photos. One must hope that the mayor uses a superior selection criteria.
This is not a professional approach and perhaps is indicative of your choices that have resulted in of loss of readers.
Capt. Ken Coontz not saying anything to me indicates he’s more of a shoe in than anything else, adding Ms. Smith is only to avoid dissension among the rank and file or discrimation claims. Surely if there’s something sinister going on the next Chief out of these 2 would surely be one who’s got a background with METRICH! (just saying) – MP admin
What I found interesting about the MNJ article is it says 4 candidates are qualified, 2 don’t want it who are probably best suited who are retiring soon after many more years of service than the Chief of late, which by the way strikes me as ODD, Still scratching my head how exactly that is? 
Surely if there is anything that comes from this article, it will be the FACT someone won’t like that I have picked it apart again. Surely it’s not because of copyright, it’s more about being noticed for what they do and what they don’t do that some of us don’t like.

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