MNJ Article: Coroners office says it was called late to shooting, Best comments!


The saga continues…

Best Comments so far!

Tyler McLaughlin · Mansfield, Ohio

Just goes to show how mediocre our officers really are. A good corrupt cop probably only needs 5 minutes to stage a crime scene. 7 1/2 hours?? that’s Busch league. Step up your corruption game MPD/RCS – Awesome Tyler – MP (y)

Donna Holmes · Works at RN, retired

WE NEED A NEW SHERIFF – Sure do!, this one NEVER knows anything – except “Crime Will Soar” – now that’s ROTFLMAO!

John Hess · Top Commenter · Crestline, Ohio

So these guys have no clue they are suppose to call the coroner ..and they are handling the investigation….Then again law enforcement can pretty much do what they want…the sheriff has kept a deputy that has lied to the grand jury of the responders to the killing has been placed on leave several times for abusing his authority.. some called him a ticking time bomb..another is kept even though the attorney general will not accept any cases from him ….so how can he even function as a deputy.. he the keeps these guys working …I believe they need to clean the sheriff dept starting at the top..Reminds me of the Weikle years ! – Tells me NOTHING’s changed! Except the only one they have defending them now is blogging on craigslist in their defense, leaves me ROTFL!

Kenny Bailey · Tool & Die Maker at Whirlpool USA

Why has no one mentioned the bci agent investigating is one of their old buddies… hmmm….. – Corruption starts and ends with the executive branch, the question we should be asking now that it’s known there was no gun why charges haven’t been made?

Keisha Goble · STNA at Stein Hospice

This is so sad. He was shot without those cops taking their time to see what was going on but they sure took their time trying to cover their ass once they seen he really didn’t have a gun. And yeah you’re right the family should sue. He lost his life that’s priceless. – Yes, it only took a few minutes after being invited into this home to turn it into a crime scene. I just wonder what all they found that can and will be used against the homeowner to silence what happened after booting them immediately?

  • Jason Day · Mansfield, Ohio

    Now this family is going to sue the pants off the Sheriffs departments, and we’ll all pay for it! – They won’t make us pay for it! They’ll use the MILLIONS they took from the tax payers in the name “crime will soar” to pay for it! Until the tax payers get it through their THICK heads that crime is a necessary evil of Richland and surrounding Counties, NOTHING will change!
    • Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

      Yes. In my opinion, law enforcement officers should be required to purchase their own insurance from their salaries or risk losing personal assets. By doing that, law enforcement officers who have lots of insurance claims will naturally price themselves out of a job because they won’t be able to afford the insurance. Kind of a “natural selection” that would help weed out poor officers. – Actually this is WHY we have corruption, professional courtesy & immunity given by the Prosecutor because he won’t prosecute. Birds of a feather flock together! Remember his brother, the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR? He too should have been prosecuted for stalking and menacing his ex-wife, along with being arrested for going above the call of duty while being intoxicated. The good news is the State did quietly make him just disappear, hmmm?
    • Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

      Here is a news story where a small town was forced to close its police department after “the insurance carrier dropped the department after paying two settlements”: – Interesting!

      Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

      The delay gave the Sheriff’s department about a FULL WORKING DAY to get their ducks all in a row, their story straight, and even maybe a few rehearsals practiced. –  Not only that, but to possibly get one Deputy’s blood alcohol content down to zero????

      Keisha Goble · STNA at Stein Hospice

      The police have never stated he was armed 100%. The papers stated he may have been armed. You know as well as I do if he was they would have stated the exact make and model of the gun. He didn’t show a threat to the officers. They shot him in cold blood.

      Glenda Branham Rowe · Top Commenter · North Central State College

      Exactly Keisha! They have always said Brian “might” have had a gun. They said an officer “might” have been injured. They “thought” the coroner had been called. They were trying to cover their butts, flat out. It’s really scary to think the people they called there to HELP him, took his life. This was a totally unwarranted murder!!!!! Time for the Sheriff’s Dept to ‘fess up!  – Just like I was told the father NEVER said he had a gun, said he could have, hmmm?

      Renee Chase · North Central State College

      I do know the cops spent a long time in that room, searching for a gun. NO gun was found. –  I was advised dad had to leave immediately, so if they wanted to throw a gun they could. No gun was seen by any of the witnesses I talked to. This would be a good time to have had a whole house security system up and running, recording everything they did until they left at 8am the following morning. How do I know this?, I know people, who know even more people. 

       This is why I advise EVERYONE to have camera’s, to keep an eye on crime (smile) – I do!


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