Mike Skidmore with Carlos Miller Phone Interview over today’s event, Pre-Sentencing Investigation?


Princess Buttercup Sky Marshall pictured in the background as Mike explains in taped call today with Carlos Miller of PINAC – Photography is not a Crime.

Taped call on Google Drive with Carlos Miller

Listen Here…Link below,


The below documents Mike is talking about they wanted filled out without his Attorney present? – Interesting!

Page 1 of 4 Documents Mike Skidmore was to fill out under duress!

Richland County Ohio Pre-Sentence Investigation Questionaire_pg1_Date Removed

Page 2

Richland County Ohio Pre-Sentence Investigation Questionaire_pg2

Page 3

Richland County Ohio Pre-Sentence Investigation Questionaire_pg3

Page 4

Richland County Ohio Pre-Sentence Investigation Questionaire_pg4

Anyone agree with Mike that this is a psych evaluation?

I personally find it odd that in this case that an outside Judge & Prosecutor would be brought in as belief there was a CONflict of interest, CON Maybe?

Seeing here the Judge would allow the Richland County Probation Department conduct the pre-sentence investigation being their boss Dave Leitenberger took the stand in this case as a witness for the prosecution???? That’s odd, he’s also head of Security in which Mr. Norris worked. Mr Leitenberger also heads the CAC Community Alternative Control program and I am told is also on the Board of Directors for Children services – Interesting stuff!  – Sounds like a SHAM LEGAL PROCESS as the guy in the white shirt not called to testify would say, that’s interesting too, yet nobody cares? Maybe Drew Tyler their mouthpiece on the blogs will enlighten us?


Copy of the Disciplinary for Security Guard Norris Mike mentioned in the phone interview above. It is said he resigned quietly to not face charges, unconfirmed if he was ever charged – hmmm?

Public Record exhibit…

Norris Discipline

Interesting the same lady who called for him in the July 9th meeting is the same one here serving his demise. Appears here he was not forthcoming with the TRUTH. Sounds a bit like Drew Tyler huh?

More on the MP Website, follow link below!




July 27th 2016 – THE SENTENCE?

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