Mike Skidmore tried to educate the public on the danger of guns in OUR Courthouse, maybe todays incident in Michigan may not have happened if they knew about this incident here?

Two bailiffs, gunman dead in shooting at Michigan courthouse, sheriff says.

Mike Skidmore and several other citizens came to a July 9th 2015 public meeting to address this very concern here, now two bailiffs lay dead and an officer wounded, what the hell? As we all know Mike days earlier was reported as asking Deputys Sweat & Masi if there was a procedure in place being he was acosted around the same time by unidentified men with guns in our courthouse what they would do if 911 was called and he was holding them at gunpoint. After the incident (attack) on Mr Skidmore on July 15th 2015 he was arrested and the conspiracy theory was he planned this attack (huh?) Who plans an attack on men with guns, unless of course unanounced like you have seen in the unedited video shared by a 15 year only nearly shot during the assualt by one of the 2 security guards.

The following video was what was said that Mike planned the July 9th 2015 incident with, huh?


In my humble opinion IF Mike Skidmore would have been allowed to speak at our regularily scheduled public meeting where citizens can address such issues what happened in Michigan today may have been prevented? Here we have notice no guns allowed yet a security guard above and beyong what was said needed for deadly force still discharged his weapon in a room nearly killing one of our elected officials and many citizens who were there that day. I for one who was there has elected not to go where guns are only allowed where folks appear to NOT be professionally trained to use them.

The sign as posted on our Courthouse/Administration buikding.

Randy Amicus Curiae Brief_5

Above taken and used from Randy Shepherd Amicus Curiae brief in the Skidmore case here in Ohio.

Much more on our local incident is here at…


Come to find out this unidentified man who also was speaking for elected officials refused to answer Mikes questions when asked is also now running for Sheriff here in Richland County, his name is Matt Mayer a Democrat, hmm?

 Watch above video, odd goings on in Richland County Ohio?
What say you?


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