Mike Skidmore, the “Verdict is in?” – Leaves MANY scratching their heads!

This is what we waited nearly a year for, 4 out of 6 Counts Guilty?


Full Story about the “Happy Decision”

Skidmore’s attorneys ‘very happy’ with split verdict

, Reporter 8:44 p.m. EDT June 10, 2016

“Both sides could claim some degree of victory in the Michael Skidmore verdict.”
Not so much can be said from the public who is just as divided in the decision as they were when it started nearly a year ago, what a joke and waste of tax payer dollars many have proclaimed, some saying “shame legal process” to avoid charges against public officials? 
Mike Skidmore avoided being CONvicted of the two felonious assaults, the charges that carried the weight of sure prison time. How ever he was charged in two Felonies 4th Degree Inducing Panic,  5th Degree Obstructing Official business, and Two 1st Degree Misdemeanors.
This is where some of us, especially those were here see this as NO VICTORY for anyone! Its understandable for Mike to get the lesser assaults because they are typical backup charges for when the biggies don’t hold water, how ever the inducing panic and obstructing official business are “SILENCERS” – MEANING…this DEAL is to assure NOBODY EVER TRIES THIS AGAIN! What do I mean? It means you will never bring a camera into this building as a way to counter our guns. Its a CLEAR message that its ok to be shot at in a building CLEARLY marked no guns allowed as the following sign depicts that was taken the day of the incident.
Once again we have seen a trial taken over by the media which was oddly enough absent on July 9th 2015? The same media that covers everyone of these self proclaimed “Commissioners Meetings” was no where to be found who normally reports and sits in on these meetings, especially executive sessions in which public knowledge becomes secrecy for NO MINUTES are kept for these meetings as they proclaimed October 16th 2014 by part time reporter Al Lawrence? Here’s the 1st full video “off the record” cause they turned theirs off. Maybe the BCI can say this video was the original in the plan for Mike to expose how public officials interact with the public in OUR meeting? – Richland County Public Meeting 10-16-14
YES, this is another video that CLEARLY shows how our Elected Officials look down on the public, this I am sure is no more disorderly than the Mike Skidmore incident! Mikes outcome bottom line is you will never ever challenge your officials ever again when guns can be brought in to intimidate.
Nobody was hurt is my guess until these Videos were shared, leaves to wonder with a so called happy verdict and so called split decision the day of Independent Reporting is over?

 The ONLY ONE who likes the Verdict really is our fictitious follower Drew Tyler who has been silent for a few days, must be on another vacation that nobody else except him can enjoy?

Still ROTFLMAO I would guess?


The COMPLETE COVERAGE from beginning to end here…


One sided Media Reports we will see in due time the links disappear now that “the people” have been silenced!





WATCH & LEARN as these stories disappear the sheep will soon forget what just happened here, Rotten to the core lives!!!!

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