Mike Skidmore appealing sham legal process, evidence & witnesses witheld.

Here you go people, lets see if the TRUTH prevails as so many lies and cover ups surround at least 2 people left in this years election.

Bambi Couch Page & Matt Mayer – One who refused to Prosecute this case while Matt Mayer was involved to cover up his obstruction to achieve public records as the Youtube CLEARLY shows him impersonating the offices of his friends Bambi and Commissioners when asked who he was referencing yet refused to answer being he had his own endeavor to run for Sheriff. This Country has checks and balances that only the voters can decide. We can’t have friends stacked top to bottom in our legal system while the clerks office is protected by armed guards to intimidate those seeking transparency!

Wake up people, IF this case doesn’t, nothing will!!!!


November 3rd last entry – watch closely friends.


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