Mike Skidmore appeal goes quiet, the goal was a complete success?

Yes, in the case of Mike Skidmore the goal was achieved!

The goal was certain to drag the appeal out until time lapsed to file complaints against Richland County Commissioners for derliction of duty and endangering citizens lives when an armed court employee who resigned instead of facing charges for discharging their weapon in a public meeting July 9th 2015.

What did hapeen resulted in the inprisonment of Mike Skidmore who was exercising his right to record and speak holding officials accountable for questions they refused to answer on the record.

Now we wait for the answer on Mr Skidmore’s appeal that was filed October 31st, 2016. The latest update as of June 8th, 2017 on the docket is a request for this Judgment Entry in which time has elapsed with no answer to the Clerk of Courts to the outcome of this meeting. That’s interesting as some claims are this is where the fraud begins and ends in many cases IF not properly followed like we have here the result can be silence of wrong doing while people soon forget?

Well friends, we have not forgotten in this group and just like the citizens who attended this meeting for answers we are left once again with none. Beyond popular belief this is NOT right, the people should DEMAND answers, but after seeing how easily it was to lock up an innocent citizen using the media I get it! Yes, this is why people are silent and now hopeful the NEW President and his Attorney’s will about face the higher archy Judicial system to right the ship of prosecutorial misconduct we see in MANY cases, not just this one.

Sure there was much wrong in this case beginning with a cover up to justify discharging a weapon in a public meeting by one who is to serve & protect, on that day there was no protection rather than intervention by God where this crazed County employee’s gun jammed or who knows what would have happened?

Mr Skidmore was NEVER told to leave, the 1st of many lies to justify this court employee discharging their weapon. Evidence gained proves there was NO justification for deadly force, why this man was allowed to resign than face his accusers of endangerment is beyond me! So our ONLY RECOURSE is calling them out publicly here, and thats sad being an attack on one is an attack on all. Another falsehood shared by the media was Mr Skidmore planned is, huh? That was never proven either, so trump up the charges so something sticks? Yes, we all know that as how deals are made and crap like this simply fades into the sunset, but not here!

It has been 6 days since this oral hearing was to take place and so far no answers to public records requests to the Clerk on the outcome. One would think no news is good news when the truth is nothing good comes from silence.

Let us pray Mike Skidmore and his family are united soon, this case has been ugly from the beginning and sadly as a witness to this incident the media has been led to misconstrue their readers. In the end I am hopeful the truth will prevail as the voters did by assuring all involved in this case were joyfully removed from office or entering into it. Marilyn John is the sole political survivor in this incident with her re-election bid coming in 2018. I hope the voters do not forget her plea that started all the hostility in this incident, with that I am hopeful she too is removed to no longer impede the peoples voice in their own meeting. Another falsehood was said this is a Commissioners meeting, not true! This is a public meeting, and now after this incident with MORE rules to further restrict the public from being assertive in their arguments. I am guessing our officials need their safe place while the citizens are left in disregard, interesting perspective huh?

If this is your first hearing of the case you can play catch up here on my website page Justice for Mike Skidmore or read the many refutes to the local news here on Tell it like it is page associated with the Mansfielders Perspective Group here!

Yes, since I have publicly refuted the media in several cases I have been wrongfully attacked by the media & local politicians Mouthpiece Drew Tyler, who yes once exposed for certain will blow your mind on local deception.

You can find more hate for the TRUTH here on the Who’s Drew Tyler page, proof of tactics used by these political turds. Yes, there is also a copycat wanna be Mansfielders Perspective page designed to deceive you just as our local media is used, interesting to say the least. Its not about the truth, its about deterring you from it!

Tick tick tick, the TRUTH shall prevail, another thing Drew hates, the possibility of their fraud exposing who they really are behind their fake account which recently has been exposed here either as Drew themself or once again identity theft to misconstrue their readers, you decide, could it be?




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One Response to Mike Skidmore appeal goes quiet, the goal was a complete success?

  1. Phil says:

    The clerks office response on the oral hearing when asked if it were held?

    Yes, it was held. The Court of Appeals always removes the case file from our possession after a oral hearing as they may wish to look at it while preparing its opinion and judgment entry.

    I cannot tell you what length of time it will take the Court to write and/or file the opinion and judgment entry. It varies from case to case, depending on law that must be researched by the Court, the number of cases waiting for an opinion, etc.

    You may continue to check the docket in this case to see if an opinion and judgment entry is docketed.

    Linda H. Frary
    Richland County Clerk of Courts
    of Common Pleas
    50 Park Avenue East
    Mansfield OH 44902
    Phone: 419-774-5549
    Fax: 419-774-5547

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