Mike DeWine saw Connie Garbers facebook post, GOOD NEWS!!!!

Rest assured IF there's no Justice by Election time I will be a NO VOTE!

Rest assured IF there’s no Justice by Election time I will be a NO VOTE!

Letter from Mike Dewine – Can also be found at the bottom of the page with the ONLY so-called evidence we know is NOT on file in our clerks office, does not surprise me why the MNJ made the timeline disappear for it’s really a smoking gun for the defense in this issue. This can be found on the MP websites page Question Politics, very bottom.

This letter assures our greatest fears of Corruption locally being involved in this decision to INDICT will not be happening here. The Mastermind aka kingpin as you all know supposedly committed suicide after having a CLOSED EXECUTIVE SESSION meeting with our Commissioners, a SERIOUS problem for Richland County being how they get away with all these off these record meetings we the people cannot access!

My hope is our Attorney General and the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor take serious note of this Mansfielders Perspective group calling for Justice in this case and the MANY more before it. Surely as Bambi Couch Page has noted this man was not himself, sadly enough for a longer time than she thinks meaning ALL CASES going back 20 years need to be looked at! These people take great pride in abuse of procedures and “due process” – The people are waking up, and with the MP they are finally learning just how they have been doing this Legal Sham Process!!!!

Have Questions?, join our group on facebook where Mike DeWine more than likely say Connie’s plea for JUSTICE! – Mansfielders Perspective on facebook

Mike DeWine – IF you are reading this I suggest you find out WHO started this facebook page if you’re as good as you say? I want to stand before my accuser, please by ALL MEANS bring this troll to me –¬†https://www.facebook.com/drew.tyler.54?fref=ts


Anytime between l1a.m until 3p.m
October 7th &16th
We are holding a peaceful protest concerning the
corruption in Richland County &
On March 16th at approximately 8:23 p.rn, Brian was shot and
killed by an UNNAMED Sheriff Deputy/deputies. Brian Garber
was UNARMED and it been over six months and the citizens of
Richland County, and the family still have NO ANSWERS.
The Coroner was not notified until 4:20 a.m, The coroner
should have been notified immediately according to Ohio
Revised Code 313.2.
A letter to the editor, by a local attorney concerning this case,
stated looks like a cover up, smells like a cover up… Help us in
this quest to hold those accountable to obey the laws they took
an oath to enforce. Let’s STOP the corruption!!
like our Facebook Page JUSTICE FOR BRIAN GARBERl!
or Go to Change.Org to sign our petition to Mike DeWine

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