Michael Skidmore suspected of planning courthouse fight, or was it the other way around????

Michael Skidmore suspected of planning courthouse fight


That’s an interesting Conspiracy theory!, appears they are grasping at straws after the 47 minute video surfaced from this meeting on July 9th – can’t wait to read the minutes, they will be as interesting as this I am sure?

“MANSFIELD – Authorities believe Michael Skidmore’s attack on two courthouse security guards earlier this month was premeditated, according to a search warrant affidavit.” – I wonder if anyone else has done a public records request? –  “FOIA”

Here’s ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE… I believe it was a setup of sorts to stop the TRUTH in reporting and teaching folks how to do public records to find the truth, often like you will see below the public records are not as what they are, appears my name was used without my knowledge in this search warrant package, and I assure you if I find any inaccuracies a complaint will be filed! Yes, I have a gopro copy of my conversation with BCI agents so maybe they will come for my video as well to stop from sharing the truth about what appears to be a lie in this report?

I had this conversation with a friend yesterday, the people might find it interesting? Then again people around here have blinders on!

My reponses in BOLD.

Hey Phil, I obtained a copy of the search warrant used to access Skidmore’s home, and I was actually quite surprised to see your name listed in the affidavit. According to the report, you described Skidmore’s behavior toward the clerk “as being very close in proximity and his actions could be construed as sexual in nature.”
Interesting, who’s report and can I get a copy?
Was this the Sheriffs report or BCI?
It’s the search warrant and affidavit BCI wrote up to secure the search warrant to search Skidmore’s home. It’s public record, kept in the county clerk’s office. Just ask for a copy of the search warrant and affidavit. It was filed July 10.
Thanks, I will be following up on this hopefully Thursday.
These people crack me up. The good news is I recorded my statements to the BCI and if what I find they used is off base there’s gonna be issues. Since you can’t copy me on this, can you tell me if they forged my signature, because I didn’t sign anything. This should be real interesting to see what they said I said.
No signatures. It’s the summary BCI wrote up, not your actual statement
They can use crap like that for a search warrant? I thought this was an affidavit? Sounds phony to me?
Close is proximity yes, sexual in nature no! smh???
Notice how the conversation went from having an affidavit and a summary report once I advised I had a gopro video of this to reference. They had better make that record disappear before I get my hands on the lie,
Half Truth; According to the report, you described Skidmore’s behavior toward the clerk “as being very close in proximity and his actions could be construed as sexual in nature.”
I would have NEVER signed this, that’s why they used their summary i.e. “hearsay” – an affidavit sounds better because it’s signed and notarized.
Here lies the PROBLEM people, when you have no signature or a badge there’s no reliability on that record, can we say here that a Judge invoked a search warrant based on a CONSPIRACY THEORY & A LIE? – Sure sounds like it!
The TRUTH is they have been watching my MP Group on facebook for months, Law Enforcement, County Employees, and maybe even a Judge under a fake account I am told. Funny enough, the SAME JUDGE Mike is going before in what one would say is the WRONG COURT? Maybe we can get the Prosecutor to elaborate one day on this?
I can’t wait for this to go to trial and I am one of the star witnesses for IF they ever come for my computer all they will find are intimidation tactics by the MNJ and many others who are tied to this fraud. They can have mine just like they took Mikes, his videos were backed up with copies shared all over the Nation, so if they were trying to make them go away they are certainly behind the times of folks having backups???? I have everything backed up offsite as well, surely all they found was more damning evidence of the truth were they don’t like Mike as exposing which is fraud in the public record, if we can call them that. As you seen above I need to check on yet another potential fraud found in what another private citizen found that I would not have know of without looking, hmmm? – SO YOU TRUST THE RECORDS? – After all Mike has done, surely people are seeing that our Clerk of Courts has been compromised being told to file everything, even fraud. Many of which I presume can be found here! –

I find it odd how they are talking about Mike belonging to a group? He was a member of many groups just like others on facebook, that’s how you social networking works lol! I love how THEY point this out while having 3 fingers pointing back at them. Like I said, they have been following or stalking if you will my personal group which Mike was a member and used as a soundboard to get his youtubes attention, here you will find many who think otherwise being reported. Appears once again this 47 minute video points out many issues, while THEIR focus is on the fight they brought to Mike when they laid hands on his personal equipment, yet nobody is focused on REALITY, they have had enough of this! Surely THEY didn’t want this video out, but guess what? IT GOT OUT, and now they must explain it in their own little way.

Where’s their mouthpiece Drew Tyler now?

, that’s ALL I ASK!!!!




Just another ATTACK on social media if you ask me????

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15 Responses to Michael Skidmore suspected of planning courthouse fight, or was it the other way around????

  1. Phil Sydnor says:

    Hey bro you been making the same claims now for what, 7 years now? Are you still stalking me my intrepid hide behind keyboard fictitious friend. How come you don’t use that Facebook account any longer? Come and join the MP, maybe you can teach all the dummies there something, or like here, maybe not? Too funny after all these years you still fear face to face commentary. Now that’s ROTFLMAO can’t use my Facebook cause I’m skeered lol!


  2. Lynn says:

    While we devour one anoter, trying to protect what little power we have, those more powerful sit back and laugh. Be assured that power can be vanished in a second. Whether you approve the methods or not, the motive is to protect our freedoms being eroded daily. Mansfield Prospective strives to protect the freedom of all, not just the core group. Those at the MNJ or the Sheriff’s office or the County Commissioners or the gun toting guards will all go down with us. We’d better wake up and work together. That includes our antagonist who posts as Drew Tyler. Whoever you are, rest assured you are as dispensible as the rest of us. You too, Mike Monroe.

  3. Ok so the sign on the front of the court house means nothing to no one. If you are all goo with that, then we have no law and or need for law. I believe the signages as posted per the ohio supreme court and the statutes to support it are sufficient to ward off all guns and explosives in the court house.
    What we see is a radicalized and rogue County Sheriif who doe not enforce our laws. How much proof do you need to prosecute him (in the yellow shirt) and his gang of terrorists.. Where is home land security on this?

  4. Phil and MP. I had a paninc attack this morning about the judges sequesterd ina room wiht 4 thugs wiht guns. the is what Stacey said in the July 10 minutes. well guess what stacey is a liar again and the squatters including John Spon agree wiht her lies.
    So here is the questions the prompted copnclusion that satacy lied on the public record TIM Gary and Matylin agreed to the lie, under the prosumption of, if donlt hang together on this one we shall certasily hang separately. And for yuo mr Drew Tyler prove me wrong.
    The private (emergency) meeting, was never scheduled no public or media attended no one witnessed who was there and who spoke and who or waht was on the agenda. No meeting in other words.
    Now we know or think we know the commissoners were in berevmant from the day befreo and did take the days off to recorver froim thier planned but fioled attack on the public.
    we know several of Sheltons raiders caryied guns into the court house against the the law and the signage posted on our court house. thiose are facts/
    so we had an emergency meeting where no one acknowleged even a quorum of the squatters were in attendance?? can’t do that.
    Stacey “Stacey” said four judges took away from thier docket and judicial duties to attend this meeting the no one knoew about nor were the judges summoned to be ther for any reason. Just passing by???
    A jude only speaks through its journal entry so what the fk were they doing in the squatters office when couer was in session?? and for two hours??
    A judge sahll follow the law is a rule also. So if they were there and knoew of the gun ban how did they follow the law??
    Why would a judge attend a squatters meeting?? One is judicial and the other is executive branch and they shall remain separate but equal??
    Stacey and her cronnies lied and I feel for it. No judge could or would attend such meetings, However if the people are led to believ they abandond the court room to look at Marylilns Panties then we blame the judge not marylin for lying.. Its a hoax and the docket of that day in each of their court rooms will proves one of two things stacey lied and the people in court witnessed the judge prosiding. Or the judges are not judges at all but terrorisits. To leave the court room and the bailiff to attend stadceys fraud.
    Get the dockets from that day for all the judges supposedly involved in the private and secret meeting of the squatters.. The judges were not ther the people were not ther and the media wer not there. Pure hoax to defend executive branch takeover.

    If anyone couild now believ that Gary UTT can p[ull Judge Robinsons chain away from his duty. Or Stacey Crawl can summons a judge to appear befroe gun totin terrorists. well y’all need to get a grip. Prove any one nonon all four judges forget about being judges and chance to see maryllins panties from under the table like Wert did

    • Drew Tyleer says:

      how can anyone respond to this when it is near next to impossible to read it. Perhaps you should take some literary and basic spelling classes before you try posting again. Or, put down the bottle.

      • Phil says:

        You can rest assured Drew Tyler that I will dispose of you personally if and when you EVER rear your face and prove anything you say. Its time you get your head out of your butt, for I am coming for you myself. Oh you bet that will be soon, a promise from yours truly

        • Drew Tyleer says:

          Oh Philly, I have learned over the years that your promises don’t mean shit. You make all kinds of promises and have yet to keep a single one. You like to talk a big talk and yet you don’t have the balls to walk the walk. Until you actually make a promise and keep it, nobody, including myself, takes you seriously. You are the laughingstock of the entire county and your entire family. Your pappy is probably doing just like I do and that is ROTFLMFAO only he is rolling in his coffin, laughing his moldy rotting ass off. Now, get your bitch ass back over there and sling them washing machines. LMAO over and over and over again

  5. Phil says:

    Actually knowing what they did to Brian Garber IF we would have stepped in we would have been charged. Certainly this WAS THEIR PLAN? Well, we didn’t bite and I beg to differ on Mike spending any time in Prison if he takes it to trial. Sure the Judge will say those of us who witnessed this were co-conspirators in this plan, but what about your own words on this? How will they prove it? There is no proof, folks are not guilty by association, but then again THEY can CONvict a ham sandwich they say using the Prosecutors “secret” Grand Jury where it depends on who you are what evidence is shared, just like the Garber case where Tim McGinty replaced our Elected Prosecutor because they had a CONflict of interest, in DEFENDING Corruption, maybe? So why not send in a special prosecutor so our so called prosecutor can save face, could be why the other one shot himself? (supposedly) – I am looking forward to meeting you, especially now that Mike has Martin Yant investigating.

  6. Phil says:

    Follow the fraud, it starts here and led us to the County Building where they hire FIRED state workers and Butler chiefs of police? – lol! – http://www.mansfieldersperspective.com/wallofshame.html



  7. Phil says:

    Come on Drew Tyler baby, where’s a big fat ROTFLMAO now?

    I told YOU years ago I would with others expose your fraud, how do you like it now that we made your people snap? This is what you people do to probationers, now this is ALL ON YOU – TO PROVE IT!!! – LOL!!!!!

    • Drew Tyleer says:

      Looks like your buddy is gonna spend the rest, or a better part of his life, in prison. I would love to see him try and convince a jury that he felt the security officers were some sort of threat to him when the tried to remove him from this meeting. And to top it off, he sucker punched the officer and then bit him like a little bitch. It didn’t take long for the security officer to get his old ass on the ground and he was screaming like a little whiny girl…..kinda like you always do. I also noticed when I watched the video that for a “group” when the shit hit the fan it wasn’t a “group” anymore, because the rest of you ran out of the room scared as hell. If you were all so sure that he didn’t do anything wrong, why didn’t you step in and help him? I know why, cause you were all scared. You like to talk a big talk but can’t walk the walk. It will be interesting to see how many times you go visit him in prison. I’m willing to bet he won’t even have the balls to take the stand at his own trial, if it even goes to trial. My guess is that he will plea bargain it down, just like you did. Yep your right, that video had me ROTFLMFAO over and over again as your boyfriend got his ass whooped.

      • Phil says:

        I think you said that about Byron Yambrisak too, and you were half right after the most overturned Judge DeWeese was overturned again. Now there’s another pending lawsuit which you guys love – $$$$$.
        Now you want to get this story all wrong. Did you know the 1st security guard was in the WRONG, and supposedly got his ass beat? I think it was planned all right, did you watch the show from beginning to end? I saw this Tim Norris guy, friend of the Commissioner you know start the whole thing when he touched a citizen in a public meeting without just cause or saying a word. That’s when the scuffle began and when he went for his gun Mr Skidmore tried to stop him the 2nd time around when a shot rang out recklessly almost killing 3 separate people including one of the Commissioners. While the first security guard who started this was said to be knocked out he fixed his watch and began to take pictures. You did watch the ENTIRE UNCUT VIDEO HERE didn’t you? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yh5-Zc6e0e8&feature=youtu.be
        After the gun went off I am sure Mike thinking at this time he was all alone his Marine training kicked in for fear of his life as his neck was pinned to the floor and couldn’t breath he hit the second security guard who did restrain him, not the first a-hole who started this mess. So get it right my hide behind fictitious keyboard ranter / stalker of truth – Maybe YOU can explain your tactics now that you’re back? – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/drew-tyler-is-back-lets-have-a-little-history-lesson-from-the-hide-behind-keyboard-ranter-shall-we/

        I have told you the last to ROTFLMAO is the one who will ROTFLMAO the LOUDEST, the TRUTH is coming and if your people allow Mike to go in front of the Judge in a trial – GAME OVER!!!!! – IF NOT, BUSINESS AS USUAL – Attorney’s DON’T SHIT WHERE THEY EAT THEY SAY????

        • Drew Tyleer says:

          Well apparently your interpretation of what happened is not the same as mine, or others. So your theory is that they invited you all to this meeting, and then set this entire thing up? Wow, now that is a real conspiracy theory, and if anyone would believe that, they are just as nuts as you are. You say his Marine training kicked in and he began swinging after the gun went off, not in the video I watched. He sucker punched the first security officer and then got his ass kicked by the second. As far as MY PEOPLE allowing this loser to go in front of a jury, that is up to the court system and prosecutor’s office. Ultimately it will be up to your buddy to decide if he is willing to roll the dice. If he does, I’m guessing it won’t be in his favor. Now that leaves me ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again. By the way, shouldn’t you have been at work slinging washing machines since it is so apparent from your rantings that your broke instead of trying to make a name for yourself. Get your loser ass back to work and try and get some money for that next bottle of liquor for the Mrs.

          • Phil says:

            Oh you have forgotten so soon? I am far from broke with the supporters I have. You and your rotten friends have so much to learn from your MASTER Mike has learned much to not take any deals, you know this means he will face his Judge instead of getting a rubber stamp deal from the Devil.

            GAME OVER PUNK! I can’t wait to see your face when youre all in prison for racketeering.


            • Drew Tyleer says:

              Oh I see, so now you admit you are “gouging” from your alleged supporters to pay your way through life. I guess slinging them washing machines isn’t panning out for you. Yeah, I can see you at the top of the “Make A Christmas Merrier” program again this year. As far as your boytoy facing his judge, yep he sure will. He has that right, just like you did when you were arrested for Domestic Violence. Instead, you chose to plead to a lesser offense instead of fighting for your rights, as you so claim. Oh I forgot, your lawyer did it without your permission or you were forced to do it. Uhhhh yeah lol. Is the going to prison part for racketeering another promise you are going to make and not be able to keep? When you say “your all” can you be more specific who you are referring to? My guess is you don’t have the balls to put names out there like that. Come on Philly, like I said before, walk the walk and talk the talk or shut up and get your ass back to slinging them washing machines, loser boy. I can’t help but ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.

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