METRICH Targets 30 in prostitution ring nearly half still at large?

***”METRICH targeted 15 men and 15 women in a prostitution operation Thursday stemming from Internet sites.” – That’s interesting? I was told once when I wanted ip’s checked for internet crimes & fraud and was told NOBODY around here really knows who’s jurisdiction the internet is? Appears we now have a precedence set and we have someone locally who CAN check out a potential threat against humanity? Drew Tyler, lets see IF your friends will investigate you? Then maybe we can get to mend Mansfield knowing who’s behind the curtain that speaks for all corruption here?

Details from MNJ coming from this article…***

METRICH prostitution sweep targets 15 women, 15 men

***”The arrest warrants are the result of a three-month investigation that was conducted by the Mansfield and Ashland METRICH Enforcement Unit.” – Appears this is stemming from the Rebecca Leicy death, could they be getting close to finding those who had something to do with her death, could it have ties to their own Officer Garn who was indicted back in February?  (The most serious is burglary?, trespass into habitation, attempted gross sexual imposition, attempted sexual battery?, menacing by stalking, tampering with evidence, sexual battery and public indecency) It’s amazing knowing in law they have 28 days to respond to charges and we have not been updated on the case?

 Seeing that they MISSED half of their targets and the HEAT IS ON people better watch their backs who are involved. Most of the shootings or i.e. TARGETS are a way of silencing those who know these people and their ring – PEOPLE BEWARE for this is not the first cop known to be protecting these people as you will find on the Wall of Shame.

Don’t go it alone, and TRUST NO ONE – as we have seen as of late the pretenders don’t like camera’s, so be weary of why?

***”Mansfield police Chief Kenny Coontz said he is hoping through the arrests that authorities can go one step farther to find out why women chose this path and then get them into appropriate counseling or treatment programs.” –  What they are saying in the MP group on facebook…

Doug Tackett  I still don’t understand why it’s illegal to sell something that’s it is legal to give away.

Joe Shaffer Jr  They all deserve to be shamed in public

Mike Monroe In an economy like this the chief wants to know why they chose this lifestyle/job? There’s not many jobs with good pay, so why would one not take a job like this? Not sure what the average cost is but say it’s 50 bux or perhaps 100. Would it be out of the ordinary to clear 500 to 1000 TAX FREE dollars in a day? In turn now the habits good or bad can easily be supported. There’s no secret as to why someone would do it. Why do dealers deal drugs? The money is good and they have no hard time getting repeat customers

Raul Duke  Phil…want a hint as to the ringleaders and suppliers? Mansfield PD. Rotten to the core feom baby carriage to casket…hopefully the caskets are closed when theyre lowered.

On another note… free the prostitutes…without them, dudes like me would never get laid. They offer a valuable public service.

Ciara Holmes  I can’t see them busting prostitutes on King St..Richland Bank AKA Mansfield Homes owns those apartments..If there is too much trouble they could lose their Section 42 government funding.. – Yes, getting them appropriate counseling and treatment works? Hell, we already give them the pill popping Judge Aults many specialized Courts, WE THE PEOPLE see how that’s working – lol!

How about IF this is a crime let the Courts sort it out, FINE AND GO – LOL!

Want to #mendmansfield? – quit with the doing for these people and get them to start doing for themselves? Oh, that’s right Mansfields Mayor Theakor says he don’t need those menial jobs, so lets just RAISE TAXES to pay for this crap? Money does fix money problems – lol!

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  1. I still saty it is kerely a crop rotation by the MPD. Get the old hookers offf the streets Younger ones pop up. trhe economt did not change the Poles of the earth did not switch and the cops are still shaking down young innocent girls, casue “they” can.

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