Message to Senator Brown – Pass it on!!!!!

Ok O’Dumbass follower, can you explain????

How in the hell can you Democrats say Obamacare aka “Affordable Healthcare Act” is affordable?

I went from being a TAXPAYER for 27 years in 2007 to not being a TAXPAYER for the last 6 YEARS!!!!

I lost 30% of my wages, lost my home as a result and now being asked to go from $73 twice a month on a salary job to $77/wk to now $119/wk as a RESULT of Affordable Health Care – what the hell is so affordable about that? I went from $1898 premium 6 years ago to now $6188 while making less thanks to outsourcing!

Now you dumbasses think I should go back to College to get my wages back! Sorry dumbass, I am nearing 50 years of age and as a RESULT of YOUR actions you have cost me everything I have ever worked for, do you understand what that means? That’s right!, I will be JOINING the masses who will be marching towards Washington soon IF you don’t get your House in order and make the cuts necessary for the Private citizen to be able to compete against Wall Street owned businesses.

Too big to fail, call my job Jesus? – I don’t think so! – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…


“Today’s bipartisan plan would end the shutdown and prevent the catastrophic consequences associated with the U.S. failing to pay its bills,” Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said in a statement.”

So, you prefer to take the rest of us with you? We shall see my FREAKY friend, just as you had you hand in shutting down GM, “WE THE PEOPLE” will have a hand in shutting down DC!

Take that to the bank you blankin’ moron!

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