Message to Police from Josie the Outlaw, rings true here in Mansfield, Ohio.

Watch her video here on youtube, YES there’s much dialogue we need to discuss BEFORE this problem spirals out of CONtrol!

We have local LEO’s “WATCHING” the MP Group on facebook

Will this BEGIN the dialogue with the public who has concerns with the path we are on, or will they continue to remain silent in agreement with those who oppose tyranny? Working with one Church is great, but what about the rest of the people and their individual religious beliefs, what about them? Our founders framed our Country for separation of Church and State and here once again we pull the wool over the sheeps eyes.

You want to talk? The quit talking where the public is kept out for WE THE PEOPLE if you haven’t noticed hardly trust the media and their reports. The questions we have are why all the secrecy and why is it being reported OUR SHERIFF is scared because of FBI & US MARSHALLS? I am not making this up, just what we are told – TRUST, its a hard thing to achieve here…

So now, who wants to start the dialogue and talk here whether you use your name or fake account like their Drew Tyler, we want to hear from you!

Speak now or forever live in FEAR, this is NOT how you address the public, we want YOU PEOPLE in OUR MEETINGS on the record. BY LAW it’s the only way some of us will appear before you. No, we will not come into your black holes where people are known to come in and never leave or meet you without phones, camera’s at an undisclosed location like requested. That’s insane some will say?

You say?????

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