McBride defamation case to go forward – Judge DeWeese OVERTURNED AGAIN – LOL!!!!!!

McBride defamation case to go forward

Appeals court reverses DeWeese decision to dismiss case against Parker

Richland County sheriff’s Sgt. Jeff McBride defamation suit against Randy Parker.

McBride, who spent 21 years working with Children Services investigating crimes against children, was removed from that post in March 2011. He raised claims of defamation and interference with contract against Parker, the executive director of Children Services who recently was placed on paid administrative leave by the agency’s board.

McBride claimed that Parker made statements about him that were false, hurt his reputation and adversely affected his career.

In December, Common Pleas Judge James DeWeese dismissed McBride’s suit, saying the sergeant did not have a valid case. The appeals court disagreed.

For more on this story, see Saturday’s print and online editions of the News Journal.

Written by
Mark Caudill

News Journal

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3 Responses to McBride defamation case to go forward – Judge DeWeese OVERTURNED AGAIN – LOL!!!!!!

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  2. Please, think about this over yet again. its also helping me to spread the Gospel simpler and a lot easier to everyone.

  3. buckeyesyd says:

    This poor Judge has been WASTING YOUR MONEY folks long enough!.

    What a WASTE, and his antics are far from over. Read what Atlanta thinks here-

    Since this has happened he just had his attorney meet on his appeal where he did not get immunity like John Mayer and friends. Probably why he was taking it out on Deputy McBride?.

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