Mayor Tim Theaker, you’re Officially a piece of work!

Your statement… “Everyone keeps saying Ontario is getting all the retail. Well, you know what? I would rather have medical than retail any day. You look at the income that people are making for medical. Retail is important, but it’s minimum wage. There are some other ideas out here that are coming along,” Theaker said in the MNJ Article takes the cake!

Do you really believe these retail jobs Ontario is creating or in most cases taking away from your towns oppressive regimes are “minimum wage”? I work in retail, in Ontario and you are way off base my friend, and maybe why those who work for you are not happy either and leaving to greener pastures. My guess is the reason you would rather have Medical which by the way isn’t that great either is because you are in the Golden age in which you will be needing it soon? What about the base, the kids who you will need to support the aging community? It’s about time you and your cronies downtown wake up my friend, from what I’m hearing you’ll be broke in another 5 years for this very belief.

The PROBLEM you have is…Ontario and every surrounding community is kicking your ass! Better get that grade card up quickly for your school system too before more funding is cut off for your inflammatory comments.


Vets get look at new VA clinic

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One Response to Mayor Tim Theaker, you’re Officially a piece of work!

  1. Phil says:

    Of course its an election year, please make this ridiculous article disappear!

    Vets get a look at new VA clinic removed, hmmm?

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