May 6th, Let the TRUTH be told in the case of Mike Skidmore.

Well, anyone going that we can depend on to report the truth on what’s happening? What do we know so far besides the lie perpetrated on this community that Mr Skidmore was told to leave? The truth is he was never told to leave. Secondly he was not disorderly before being attacked for recording an illegal attempt at a private meeting, he was simply asserting the truth of this being a public meeting and the fact that the agenda the public received did not depict a private meeting aka executive session. Don’t believe the truth you will find here then look up the record THEY keep on the County website. Not one of the meeting minutes on THEIR site say a word that an executive session was scheduled for July 9th, evidence they are lying? I think so!

Not to be redundant like their spokesman Drew Tyler you can follow the link to Justice for Mike Skidmore for much of what’s not being shared with the public. Until we hear an update by their CONtrolled local media sources those of us who challenge will await for scrutiny as the trial sets to begin in June.

Justice for Mike Skidmore

Mike Skidmore – Independent Reporter
PINAC Mike Skidmore_TheFirstAmendmentMatters
Update as we see here is the case went from CLOSED to REOPENED, that’s odd don’t you think?
Comment below your thoughts on this and where it will go from here, rumor has it the folks who attended from the Mansfielders Perspective Group are being considered Co-conspirators in this attack on public meeting rules? As their spokesman Drew Tyler says…you have me ROTFLMAO!
Dollar to a donut Drew Tyler is a friend of the wanna be Sheriffs family, any takers? Another rumor is IF this attack was planned as some would like you to believe it was planned by this guy who round about said this would happen, watch video of that a month prior to this incident here. Its said the Youtube Mike made embarrassed him and his boss, you say?
Could this be Politically motivated, we all know it worked for his Prosecutor brother?

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