Matt Mayer running for Sheriff, Mike Skidmore silenced before 2016 Election?


Yes, this is interesting to say the least! Mr Skidmore a Marine Veteran and 30yr retired Prison Guard after exposing Mr Mayer not being cooperative of which Public Officials he was speaking for is now ironically running for an office himself?

Conspiracy theory or reality that the man can’t be trusted in the office of Sheriff? Here he was speaking for Commissioners and the Prosecutors office yet felt the need to keep his Drew Tyler friend a secret?

Watch & Learn, does this sound like a man of Integrity? This was a month prior to Mr Skidmore getting assaulted at a public meeting. It appears to many as a plan was diverted or foiled by the jamming of a gun meant to assassinate Mr Skidmore as somekind of plan? Yes, I know they say Skidmore planned this event, how ever what was the motive? Usually a crime involves motive, and if you ask me being Matt Mayer has endeavors to run for Sheriff as motive to silence Skidmore after airing this Youtube on his site!

You have to be honest, Mr Skidmore embarrassed this man, and seeing how he was allowed to sit in on the trial being a conflict of interest is still beyond me. Just look at the anger in the above photo during this trial, he looks angered and unstable, VOTERS BEWARE!

More on this here!

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