Matt Mayer for Sheriff, name one good reason he’s the lesser of 2 evils


Appears these Democrats have their man, signs everywhere!


Jan 15, appears the Democrats have been planning this run for some time now?

Something we need to question this Sheriff hopeful on is IF becomes the most powerful law enforcer in the County who will he listen to? My only question is his integrity in this video where he speaks for the prosecutor? Oddly enough he depicts he will put the people in front of him is his campaign slogan, sounds like BS here! Sounds more like he is up to no good speaking for family friend Bambi “Couch Page” the Democratic Party selected prosecutor after his brother took his life. Oddly enough he holds a secret who he talked to so he demands to the public he serves that he just says…”I’m just gonna tell you I talked to the prosecutor” – WOW!

At this point I am lost and wonder just who he will serve if he is appointed as the only real Constitutional Authority as Law Enforcement of our County who is accountable to the people being its an Elected Position? Scary thought after watching this video captured by 2 men doing a public records request. Appears our County Clerk or someone has sonething to hide and Mr Mayer as security here is harassing & intimidating folks who are sick of being lied to! Another WOW!

Give the video a look & comment if you dare, surely the democratic party anonymous speaker Drew Tyler will?

Sadly enough its fair season and here we are reminded by the Democrats they are here to take over our only get away from Politics ruining the fun for some who rather not see them here! I can see them at the County Fair cause not many go there anymore thanks to Politics, but to INVADE a small community like Lexington Blueberry Festival? Come on, leave the people have some fun, Politics SUCK!!!!




Strickland practically ruined Ohio, WHY would a Sheriff hopefull pose with him?


Using the late daddys name as a laurel for the job, posing here with ex Chief of Bellville. I wonder what that is in his hand in this picture?


Taking a closer look, is that narcan?


Here taking over the Blueberry Festival. I wonder what all those heads hanging in his booth are all about?

Well friends, if you happen to read this blog before heading out to the Blueberry tonight to watch whats being billed as the largest fireworks display in years I hope you now can get the answers we are all looking for!

Knowing the phony Drew Tyler is blocked yet still using their real account as a so- called friend on friends list and will more than likely read this one way or the other I have just this to say….THE ONLY WAY I WOULD VOTE FOR MATT MAYER IS IF HE HANDS ME DREW TYLER, PERIOD!

As Sheriff & highest ranking Law Enforcer in the County, yes he can do it! Will he? NO, cause Drew Tyler is a family friend who has been following me ever since we exposed the truth about little brother and his dishonesty to the public with paid ads in the Mansfield News Journal starting in 2008. I bet many have forgotten about that, hmmm?

Dont forget to comment, TELL IT LIKE IT IS!


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