Martin Yant says “Rotten to the Core”, the MP says Rotten in the Court?

There are lots of questions to be answered that led up to this July 9th meeting as you will see in this FULL LENGTH VIDEO that is not being reviewed by many, time to change that here!

I was one of the witnesses in this account who has been “limited” in telling the long story “history” that surely led to what happened, i.e. WHY Commissioner Utt blames those who have questions THEY will not answer. That’s really what this is about, no REAL ANSWERS from those we elect. I cannot believe people don’t see what’s frustrating here, we are asking questions of our elected heads that resort around their hired goons that speak for them. What is this, nobody but a few so-called crazy people think this is WRONG? Come on now, keep it real! Maybe someone will reply to this blog with answers, maybe today’s hearing will garner the answers we need, or then again is this just the beginning of another injustice using the wrong court? Speaking with Randy Shepherd he is adamant about this, Drew Tyler says prove it?

Now, who is right when you can’t find an Attorney who says they will not “sh*t where they eat?” – as known Mikes Attorney has been known to say? This is a PROBLEM and reason there are so many unanswered questions. Now that Mike has been silenced we have to wait (tick, tick, tick) like the clock at the end of this full version video of the event.

I have given a page on MY Website that depicts all the events since last year where the public has been impeded from speaking one way or another by “Sunshine Law” or whatever interpretation you may use. Our fair Prosecutor killed himself and people say he was ill, really???? – or was he murdered by the false witness????

The link to MANY videos that need examined, as you will find these are ALL questions needing to be answered to the public, you say????

Mike Skidmore and a few of my own for public review…


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  1. Iam Right says:

    Who is telling to that Mike’s Attorney says you dont shit where you eat? And also which one are you talking about because he has 3?????

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