Martin Yant joins facebooks Mansfielders Perspective; Tells of movie producer coming to town!

This ought to be interesting folks, maybe, just maybe we the people shall be heard again while collusion in the Courts gets scrutinized in this group. Join us here for the opportunity to discuss the issues we all know too well, Rotten to the core lives?

The local news won’t give it to you like we do? – Then again they may be changing because of this?


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  • Phil Sydnor Welcome to the Mansfielder’s Perspective where we have picked up where good journalists left off who are not afraid to tell it like it is. This is a grassroots movement without any political party affiliation which looks for the best in either party willing to the best for democracy in our community. I have read your books and looking forward to the next which will surely include a wrongful death at the hands of the Richland County Sheriffs Dept. mid March of this year. If you can get through some of the Political opinions you will find interesting information that can lead you into a host of questions not being answered that even we as a community are looking for. You may even find how one poster has discovered where all the fraud here starts and ends in our Community that be found in our local Clerk of Courts office. Ahhh, the legal process  it’s such a nasty web of deceit.
  • Martin Yant Thanks, Phil. I look forward to reading everyone’s insights about Mansfield.
  • Phil Sydnor Like your books, this is why the group has haters. I have a website where readers are reminded who are involved with the troubles that are still here today. You may find the “Wall of Shame” & “Question Politics” tabs on this site interesting, then there’s the “blogs” in which you can find the the link on the home page here where I have refuted MANY MNJ articles, especially those that refuted the prosecutors brother and the made up Drew Tyler account they used to attack my integrity, enjoy! –

    A place to comment on the news and not get censored for how you feel about the subject. We have a local News Agency who believes it is slanderous to speak out about public officals, hmmmm?.
  • Time Sup why did you only write about the people that didnt donate to your books
  • Martin Yant No one donated to my books.
  • Time Sup there was a lot of names you left out for a reason
  • Time Sup i hope your next book or movie covers them all
  • Time Sup ray mckeen donated
  • Martin Yant No names were left out for a reason. Who is Ray McKeen?
  • Time Sup what about larry faith
  • Martin Yant I met Larry Faith for the first time when I served him with a subpoena a couple of years ago.
  • Time Sup how about the spognardi,s
  • Randy Shepherd Do you know if he appeared under subponea. Mike DeWine will not and Our Own former prosecutor now appointed Judge Brent Robinson will not appear upon summons by the clerk. Local rule 9.02.
  • Phil Sydnor If there’s a movie will it include why a Federal Racketeering lawsuit was thrown out for the collusion and cover up of the Prosecutors brother who was fired for the incident? Funny how one can get away with everything he did, yet nobody wants to tell the truth about that story. Being an investigator can you find out who Drew Tyler is? –

    Drew Tyler was a nemesis of the group Mansfielder’s Perspective, especially whenSee More
  • Time Sup like prosicuter mayer
  • Phil Sydnor Drew Tyler, a fake account on facebook should surely have a way to find out who this is? They are a John Mayor fan I have a score to settle with for the lies and deception they proclaimed about me and this group. It would be very interesting to the public who this REALLY was –

  • Time Sup how about the messers
  • Phil Sydnor I will patiently await my answer(s) for many here already have plenty to summon you on. 
  • Martin Yant The Spognardis are in the book and not portrayed in a favorable light. Same with Phil Messer. I have worked for the opposing side in several cases against Prosecutor Mayer. His role in the Glenn Tinney case is an embarrassment.
  • Phil Sydnor I just booted Nicholas Spognardi from the group yesterday. I believe just as their phony Drew Tyler he was here trying to shut the truth down. They are desperate to silence this group of folks in the know, with your influence maybe you can get some needed answers to these perspectives?
  • Phil Sydnor The biggest embarrassment to Richland County and its corruption is the James gang Mayer & DeWeese are running unopposed once again, both are frauds 
  • Randy Shepherd Martin, I do appreciate your works make no mistake about it and I personally thank you. However I think focus would be best served on the heads of county administration of who the Prosecutor and Sheriff must answer to in wirteing. this is the core of county government which we all know as rotten.
  • Randy Shepherd Once again the people hoard and or mobs need to attend or force a public meeting wiht the commissioners on the same questions we post here. It is not only their job but also duty to provide such answeres on the record. should Mr. Yant take the point we must have his 6 in numbers that attend!
  • Martin Yant The sheriff and prosecutor ultimately answer only to the voters. County administrators have very little say over how they run their offices.
  • Phil Sydnor I’m not sure how much truth there is in this but the two who filed one of the biggest lawsuits in my opinion in a long time against this corruption said Cassandra Mayer used you as her investigator to prove their case was a frivolous one. The fact is if you read the 500 pages of transcripts how they got away with this one? I’m guessing the many departments buying their way out of the suit leaving just the king pins in collusion to be left off the hook by Supreme Court for reasons the public will never know. They just let the story die?
  • Randy Shepherd Donlt forget Mr cook the books, for the boyees, Dropsey and of course our congressman Bob Gibbs (federal legislater) they are unoposed also.
  • Time Sup if there is any way i can help martin feel free to pm me as i have tried to help in the past when i called you .
  • Time Sup but keep in mind it wont be like when you was sneaking around me durring the weikle days trying to see them playing poker in my basement
  • Time Sup or those special meetings in the bars
  • Randy Shepherd I agree to disagree on this. the sheriff and the prosecutor are elected officials by the people. However they are elected to serve public administration of justice. At the head of county administration rests the county commissioners. They may bring civil and or crimminal charges against either the Sheriff and or the Prosecutor in the name of the people that justice is served. Of course the three must agree and petition the county judiciary to bring such allegations forth. I can find the law but the group may get convenient head aches??
  • Martin Yant I was helping Cassandra Mayer with the Maurice King case when she asked me to obtain some documents in the John Mayer case. That was the extent of my involvement.
  • Phil Sydnor What ever that was, it must have been good enough for the Supreme Court to end the case. The good news I guess is John Mayer unlike his many friends won’t be working in this system ever again. How ever they have found a loop hole in the County, since he can’t be bonded it’s being said his NEW title working in the County building under the security program as what they call a “technician” – lol! They’re good, how ever not good enough, he’s inquiring about selling his home – 
  • Time Sup he must be ready for one of those 225,000 dollar homes like zehner
  • Connie Goble Garber I am so glad to see you her Marty. You were there 10 years ago to help my son, so hopefully you will be able to help this time.
  • Randy Shepherd which Supreme Court Ohio or the U.S.?
  • Time Sup he wont connie martin let me down in 2010
  • Phil Sydnor It was a Federal case Randy, so I assume Federal.
  • Phil Sydnor How did Martin let you down Sup?
  • Randy Shepherd Sup still wanting to see your papers?? You know official and filed?
  • Randy Shepherd So it was initieated in cleveland appealed to cincinati and appeaeld again to the U.S. Supreme Court where at least 5 Justices signed the ruleing disposing of the case??? That is what it takes (due process) for the Suprem Court to end a case on appeal only unless it is an original action in that court and those are named Certiorary.
  • Randy Shepherd So you filed a public records request?
  • Time Sup i will be getting a hold of you soon randy shepherd still digging more paper work up hand writen threats by spain and others
  • Randy Shepherd Do we have a case number on that one. I am curious about what was field and when and where it was disposed.
  • Randy Shepherd If you know me I just want to scrutenize the papers for lawful process. I am certain the papers are not clear and consise as to being lawfully filed and or complete.
  • Randy Shepherd Marin I have come to realize that it is not necessarily the actual elected personel that corrupt the process it is those hired by the county commissioners primarily as magistrates and agency lawyers tht are allowed to corrupt the system of justice. Those folks are administrators defrauding the public under the watch of the commissioiners. Secondly I refer yo to ORC 309.09 and its supplemnet 305.14 as to how the commissioers may bring suit against either the prosecutor or the Sheriif for misconduct of office.
  • Phil Sydnor Maybe Martin can look into this, may have more ties than we will ever know in the case Connie has for her son. A body dumped on Hull Rd, her son murdered, and a girl who was part of the body dump supposedly shoots herself the week before being indicted? Deputy Zehner by rumors on the streets has ties to all 3, hmmm? Deputy Zehner shoots Brian, and girlfriend was best friends with the girl who shot herself? Then add in the second Deputy (Frazier) who was with Zehner is said to have a daughter who was good friends with Brian’s wife, hmm? Then add in the wife was fired from supposedly a place that handles collections in which has Federal Government access to records, another hmmm? Sounds like a good case for our investigator Mr Yant, right?
  • Randy Shepherd Fraud ceciet and unlaawful behavioir by public officilas in this county is a feast fro anyone willing to read and act to bring the truth for public scrutiny and redress.


Here is our another discussion that depicts a movie about corruption could be in the works?, join us on facebook for more to come! – The link is above!!!!!

Welcome Martin Yant !!

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  • Ciara Holmes Ready to write another version of “Rotten To The Core”?
  • Martin Yant No, but a movie may be in the works! The producer will be in town later this month.
  • Phil Sydnor Can we play the part of good citizens with pitchforks that went to see the Commissioners who have said enough? We’re really not as nuts as THEY say, unless of coarse wanting a community people can live equally is not realistic. Thanks again for coming, your insight can be very valuable being you have been there, done that. 
  • Time Sup this should be interesting
  • Randy Shepherd welcome Mr. Yant
  • Lisa Schultz Wise Mr. Yant; you bought my grandpa’s house when you lived in Mansfield; WELCOME to the group 
  • Martin Yant That was a very nice house, Lisa.
  • Brenda Callahan-Collins Glad you made Martin Yant, welcome!
  • Randy Shepherd I am glad to see every one some when they come and some when they
  • Phil Sydnor You noticed that to Randy? We lost a couple folks right after Martin joined, that is lol, but more like hmmm?
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  • Arita Hootman Welcome Mr. Yant
  • Randy Shepherd AS I stated the lines are being drawn everywhere, The Corruption overreaching executive branch and its followers are on one side of the line. Those under the tyrannical rule are or will be on the other.
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  • Phil Sydnor Randy Shepherd I now understand why you’re the most hated man to the Crony Capitalism system, you see the collusion –  – now, when are you running for separation of the branches (Clerk of Courts) to take this away? – You WILL have my vote 
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  • Randy Shepherd there are two possibibilities Linda Frary may be forced out of the clerks office on crimminal charges of aiding and abetting corruption. Or the other option is that the post for clerk is not up for reelection until Nov. 2016. —————————————–
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  • Phil Sydnor Criminal charges as we know will not happen, my guess is we will have to continue the good fight until Elections in 2016 –  maybe then we’ll have enough rabbits to make the change people here so deserve?
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  • Randy Shepherd It boils down to how many people want justice over corruption Mr ed certainly is granted the pwoer to fix county administration of justice although he will lie and tell you he does not?? He knows the law but cannot produce a single statute to refute his duty to serve the people as head of county admionistrative services?? Yea I ask hhim to find said statute (law) that he knows. back in December 2013? ask Wert and Gary if it ain’t so?
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  • Phil Sydnor Goons, plain and simple 
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