Mansfield’s Drug Court; New Judge, same as the old Judge?

Time will surely tell, but after reading this report in the MNJ I feel Judge Robinson may be changing a few things? Here’s a few things I question from this report…

“Richland County Common Pleas Judge Brent Robinson points out he has been involved in Drug Court since its inception in 1997.”

Being that Brent has been involved and the problem seems to have gotten worse could be meaning NOTHING will change, but then again he’s now in power and may have some fresh ideas? One idea may be to TARGET where those get their drugs from rather than simply bringing in more clients that everyone is familiar with. One thing I have seen that’s working is the attack on small businesses that look for low wage employees, putting them out of business and to replace them with folks who do test is one deterrent. The PROBLEM with this is…you still have welfare and SSI that supplements most of Mansfield’s junkies, FIX THIS and drug testing becomes effective.

“The Democratic Central Committee chose Municipal Court Magistrate Phil Naumoff to challenge Robinson in the November election.”

Being Naumoff is a Democrat we may not see the fruits where welfare and SSI are tested for drugs, these Liberals can’t have that?, but surely TIME will tell? 

“I probably am a bit stricter than Judge Henson was,” he said. “They cannot be in Drug Court if they’re going to commit any new offenses. Generally, if you’re kicked out of Drug Court, the only option is to send you to prison.”

Or in the case of the Lexington man where you become a so-called violent offender as portrayed by the local News, we will kill you. That’s what I’m reading into this. Problem solved as one poster said in the arguments, or shall I say comments on these articles?

“Studies have shown it takes that long for the brain to return to normal (after drug use),” Robinson said.

Just what is “normal” your way of thinking, or the way those think who are oppressed by the way our local Government operates? Maybe we could deter those who get into drugs if there wasn’t 2 sets of rules for abusers? Jerry Ault was a known abuser, did he EVER finish his program before being reinstated as Judge of others? I wonder why it’s a former drug abuser, known liar who hands out search warrants and no contact packets like candy?, and we wonder why people tend to get on drugs? Oppression leads to depression, which leads to getting into the wrong crowd, hmmm?

The judge said he estimates 80 percent of the people going through Drug Court are employed.

“I’m a big proponent of work,” Robinson said. “When they’re working, they have something to lose. They also feel better about themselves.”

Yes, and when you have something to lose and you are threatened with it you tend to commit NEW CRIMES of violence, and/or lies (deception) to save your ass! Don’t work, UNLESS you’re the all knowing Judge (smile). The all knowing Judge I’m talking about is not Judge DeWeese, just for the record.

I wish the MANY who go thru or will go thru the BEST of luck, how ever the BEST deterrent is to stay far from having to go thru this Court. Nothing more than a money generator for over a DECADE! – The DRUG WAR is a losing war when those who profit from it, are behind it!  HAVE A NICE DAY!

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