Mansfields around the world to tidy up?

Mansfields around the world to tidy up

Not trying to put a negative spin on a positive campaign, but don’t you think if we were going to put pride back into Mansfield we would help get the filthy neighborhoods a hand getting straightened up? Helping others is a sense of pride, helping a local government on what they should be doing already – “Locally, organizers are seeking people to pickup trash in main thoroughfares, parks, schools and areas in the city’s North End” is something I thought Mansfielder’s pay taxes for? This sounds more like a way to save money than putting “pride” back into Mansfield. I don’t believe it’s good stewardship when you think solely about your own backyard, how about giving some “pride” to some well deserved neighborhoods you are forgetting about? Mansfielders take pride when their leaders get out and do some of this work around where they work, will Mansfielders see the Mayor, his safety director, and council doing this work? – I bet not!

According to, last year more than 200 bags of rubbish were collected in just one day, and the event won a community award from the National Keep Britain Tidy campaign.” 

Who really cares what Britain thinks, we need a National Keep United States Tidy campaign, don’t ya think?

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