Mansfielders Perspectives LOL – Proof we are effecting the MNJ and their “intelligent” following – lol!

Mansfielders Perspectives LOL

Date: 2012-07-10, 12:25PM EDT
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Phil Sydnor of ABC WAREHOUSE is such a PUTZ that he had to make a “copy and paste” website
of the Mansfield News Journal and “copy and paste” peoples comments and make his replies to the stories there. Its rather funny if you
really think about it. This is quite pathetic.
Then he pretends he is fighting corruption.

Whats even more pathetic is he doesn’t realize how pathetic he is and how much people make fun of him behind his back.
I would be so embarrassed to be married to him.
This doesn’t say much for his wife and what kind of person she is to tolerate such a PUTZ.

He actually believes what he says is important enough to censor when the MNJ is just doing the intelligent
people a favor by not making us read his rubbish and conspiracy theories. The MNJ does do a good job
of keeping off the CRAZIES.

Its people like Phil that entertain the intelligent people.

You gotta love how far they’ll go to look stupid, there’s NO Conspiracy – As we have seen the TRUTH is and has had an effect on everything THEY do.
From the latest FIRINGS, and LOSS OF FUNDING – It goes to show, there is NO CONSPIRACY.
People like this who have nothing better to do but attack the TRUTH in reporting, their latest of making folks pay for their drivel only proves how bad things are for them.
The Mansfielders Perspective WILL NOT GO AWAY! – Here YOU have a voice, unlike the MNJ who blocks your comments. This is WHY we made this site, not because there’s a conspiracy – lol!.
Unlike this pusillanimous who HIDES behind a screen name, I am VERY REAL!
Many have came out to see this so-called “CRAZY”, and the ONLY thing crazy is the DEALS I give EVERYONE, especially those who serve in the Military!. This punk wouldn’t know that, that’s why THEY HIDE!.

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One Response to Mansfielders Perspectives LOL – Proof we are effecting the MNJ and their “intelligent” following – lol!

  1. buckeyesyd says:

    Come out today between noon and 7pm, meet the “CRAZY” – LOL!

    You’ll NEVER get to meet this punk, there’s a REASON why they hide!

    and I’m sure those reading know the answer, now that’s funny!

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