Mansfielders Perspective – Unsensored, not thats ROTFLMAO!


Now thats irony…The media that CENSORS are now portaying censorship from a group that has a no tolerance with fake user accounts with no credibility?

Now thats ROTFLMAO haters!

Link above to NEW Community said to not censor, or is that unsensore?

Screenshot from the so-called uncensored page, interesting anonymous post about taking over after this election?




Actually that sounds more like the local media that either blocks refuting their stories or disallowing comnents on their narritive aka “Perspective”, and when you Share links in fair use and refute the crap they claim you are “stealing” their material? Thats funny! Now they are seeing competition when others give you the news online for FREE! Richland Source is a positive feed while others are claim the MP is negative for sharing THEIR negative news trying to give this group ownership? Funny how the people in this group are REAL unlike that wanna be fake community run by a couple negative fake facebook accounts. As you see here they hide behind their keyboards trying to gain damage CONtrol as Mike Skidmore and others are exposing how local leaders etc are not listening to the general population, so who is this puppet master Drew Tyler anyways? I say Drew Tyler is simply a deceiver made up to deflect these truths being how they hate on people they dont know speaks volumes if they are who I think they are. DREW TYLER is not one person, they are simply a speaker for the leader of corruotion trying to protect the integrity of the obsequious following like a cult. A very dangerous situation if you ask me, especially when its easy to FOOL people with black robes as we are seeing in the Mike Skidmore case many are not paying attention to because of how the media portrays the man. In other words, simple minds are easily manipulated. The TRUTH in Mikes conviction is they only silenced him for a couple years and not for like which would be 18yrs he was facing. This community page just like the many others they have made will fade away, politics as usual?


Lets watch shall we? I GUARANTEE it will not last long, especially when the REAL criminals behind it are once and for all rounded up for racketeering and threats against “the people” they worj for!

Mike DEFIED Judge DeWeese the media repeats without question yet Judge DeWeese has never appeared in his case? He and OUR hand picked replacement for the suicide prosecutor did not appear for CONflict of interest yet Mike was to report to the Probation Dept thats controlled by the guy who testified against him in defense of his other employee who tried to kill him and they call his right to remain silent defiance?

All the proof you need they are nothing but a bunch of narcissistic sociopath cronies of local politics.


and these fakes are far from stopping it!

See the TRUTH of what they hate at the following links, the CITIZENS in this group have had enough!


Facebook Comments

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2 Responses to Mansfielders Perspective – Unsensored, not thats ROTFLMAO!

  1. Phil says:

    They may have seized our public records and now control the courts, how ever cant stop the TRUTH here!

    That little piss ant Community page has no chance against a group that continues to grow as people investigate these truths themselves.

    Until Drew Tyler like myself can prove through the record, Birth Certificate yes they are censored! Should dead people have a voice? These Liberal HATERS sure do, they think they can vote as well?????

    So, until Drew Tyler & this gang of racketeers can prove they are real people yes their 1st Amendment rights are invoked on my page, group, and website where the truth has prevailed since the FIRING of their buddy John.

    These people DONT GET IT, THEY WORK FOR US – PERIOD!!!

    The puppet master said they were in control of the philly, hows that working out? Philly ain’t no Criminal, and never will be seeing what they do to those who are!

    Thats a DANGEROUS system people, and it must be stopped!

    The Jury has spoken, and yes they are mad because of it believe it or not? They are about to get sued to oblivion for endangering the public where no guns are allowed!!!!

  2. Phil says:

    Delusional is a fictitious facebook account that fears facing the philly for a TRUTH OFF, now thats ROTFLMAO my friend.

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