Mansfielder’s Perspective on facebook, the TRUTH about this group!

Mansfielder’s Perspective Group on facebook is a group that was initiated a few short years ago on the premise of truth in reporting and has grown into a group of what I will call concerned citizens. As ANY group it has had their test of those who oppose these truths or lets say negative perspectives on Mansfield and surrounding areas. The purpose of this group is to speak out about the issues and problems our so-called leaders have not and are not addressing, primarily the blight associated with job loss and low wage jobs that simply add to the DECLINE of this once great nation. This is not a Mansfield and surrounding problem I know, it’s a National problem that many leader wanna be’s and especially this year Donald Trump are talking about – “We can be great again?” – what is that? Do we already admit we have lost and given up on greatness to the point we are now tearing it down one person at a time? I agree I have been lured into this mode of fighting back with the negativity because there is no more time to be in denial there are serious issues we can no longer discard, most of surround the erosion of the middle class which now they are labeling pay inequality that stems from lacking skills and education? Money problems are a serious issue and if today’s leaders are going to associate pay inequality to what people know then who’s fooling who? We have an 18 Trillion Dollar Debt made by some of this Nations so-called best and brightest, sounds funny I know. Can we allow the BEST & BRIGHTEST CONtinue to corrupt your minds? This money problem is a people problem period, and now you want to take away the Bill of Rights because now it’s a moral or responsibility issue? Come on! – we all know if you want your God given unalienable rights you have to work for it, not get it handed to you. Sure, I don’t know how to fix this problem, but it surely appears THEY can’t either? Who are they? – I call THEY the Drew Tyler’s of the World, those in this group know them (the phony anyways), they have been bashing me and others in this group for years and the majority people say it’s just an ass who thinks we think everything is a conspiracy or surrounded by corruption? The simple TRUTH or perspective if you will does surround these ideas that corruption and CON’s aka CONspiracy plagues places like small town USA, usually where the less educated can be easily swayed to believe in such things, I for one don’t believe NONE OF IT for a second, but have been swayed at times to think so. What does that mean? It means I am a very trusting person who wants to believe people for the most part are telling the truth, how ever some I have come to realize for the most part just have an agenda to justify their means. No I am not the best and brightest, and have found the majority are just like me which is sad why we can’t make these money control problems go away! First and foremost we have to “follow” the money, if and when we do we can and will fix the money problems this community has. The question is and we see it time and time again, where does the money come from at Election time? It comes from the Federal deficit special interests and people you trust, some call them wolves in sheeps clothing, maybe so? Sure there’s many issues we face and the MP group is very small, but just think what a small group can do like John Kasich said in his closing statement last night what can happen if we can change just one person what that can do to fix these so-called money woes, something the hide behind keyboard nemesis of truth seems to hate are like minded people like my self who are slowly creeping back after the housing crisis that hurt so many, myself included I admit. I can assure those who follow me and this group we are fine and will continue the mission of truth and how to fix problems through transparency and not secret back door meetings that we see no fruit from. Sure, these leaders can brag about getting MORE FUNDING to fix their problems, is that the road we want to CONtinue to leave our children with? Our children each and everyone of them should be our focus if we are going to fix this once great Nation. Quit being a Drew Tyler is MY POINT, and as I already know you would be greatly surprised who this fool is and what good they don’t do for our community. We cannot discard the Drew, for it’s the Drew Tyler narcissists and sociopaths we must focus if we are to ever know our neighbors again. Peace be with you, and yes It’s no longer a secret I am running for Commissioner of this once great County because it’s “the people” who will fix our problems, not governing secrecy in what they call “Executive Session” where the people are told to leave? & keep this in mind, an attack on one is an attack on us all.

When good people get involved, good things happen.

Let the Drew Tyler’s have their rants and raves on craigslist, the only CONtrol they have is a secret – now that’s what the rest of us call ROTFLMAO! Drew has no real power, that is up to the people – 🙂

What are THEY afraid of? My getting enough signatures so the people can speak on the 2016 ballot. Am I nuts?, no more than the next guy who goes to work every day. Get me on this ballot and I assure you we will see community involvement, not by raising taxes but through community involvement. You don’t want involved, just want to keep your head in the sand, then do as the secret poster on rants and raves tells ya, cause they control both you and I. Funny I know, and I’m the nutty one – lol!

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