Mansfielders need their Gluten, one commentor disagrees with MNJ. How can you when they are always right?

Here’s the Story…

Cici’s Pizza will open again in Mansfield this Monday

Here’s what’s WRONG with it!…

“CiCi’s Pizza’s endless buffet is coming to Mansfield once more.” – IF you believe this is not Mansfield like one poster believes??? I agree Ontario is a City, how ever you would not know it by looking up many businesses that reside there, MOST of them have a Mansfield address?????   Remember the Article on Mid-Ohio racetrack over by Lexington?, this is Mansfield too!, according to them…Now that’s ROTFL!

“The restaurant is reopening at 2156 Walker Lane Road”

“We have many loyal guests in Mansfield who have been hoping CiCi’s would return,” Johnson said. “We look forward to bringing back CiCi’s family-friendly environment, great food and outstanding value to this community.”

SURELY they will take your EBT cards so you can fill up and still get your medication, whether it be legal or not?

  • “Weddings Make Cent$”

    It’s Walker Lake Rd…NOT Walker Lane ….and in Ontario…NOT Mansfield….
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