Mansfielder Responds to standoff, social media tells it like it is?


Richland County Emergency Alerts

Mansfielders Perspective

Sad news hits Mansfield as a man (Dave Parker) was simply getting a routine check from Columbia Gas which leads to yet another 911 call that leads to a standoff for 27 hours that sadly ended in tragedy.

Many questions remain as the people await the Ohio State Highway Patrols Investigation? Yes, this is questionable as well being the State Highway Patrol is traffic enforcement on roadways, NOT State Police like everyone is starting to think.

Here is what Mansfielders had to say…

Kill the Vet we know has problems, tell the people he has a history of violence and a differing view, problem solved?

Sure, he was on probation and THEY KNEW THIS! So who’s the BLAME again???

You think you’re safe with this kind of probation?, think again!!!

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